Fifteen Years Ago

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Fifteen years ago today Ali and I walked down the aisle. I had graduated college three months earlier and was working at Beneficial, a loan agency designed simply to make the poor even more so by wrapping up all of their 29% credit card debt into one 35% loan. Looking … Read More

Big Dinghy

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Pretty lazy days around here lately. We’ve slipped right into a routine of beach in the morning, pool and lunner in the afternoon, and store and beach again in the evening. Not a bad gig really. We thought we were out of the woods then I woke up today with … Read More

Mama’s Helper

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I took another look around today and decided that this is actually a pretty beautiful spot. If you ignore the resort in the scene the rest of the place is full of menacing looking dinosaur islands, desert somehow full of green, and the ever encroaching Sierra Gigantes. They are right … Read More


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Yesterday we sailed an hour south to Bahia Candeleros. It’s not the most scenic bay but it is nice, the holding is shallow and sandy, it’s still close enough for us to go back if Lowe comes down with Ouest’s strep throat, and there is a brand new resort ashore … Read More

Are Blue and Pink Jobs Sexist?


I recently received one of those one-line un-signed Hotmail e-mails that we get ever few months. This one proceeded to call me all the -ists. I’m an elitist, a racist, and a sexist. None of which really need be addressed. My actions and my lifestyle pretty much sum up the … Read More

I Got This

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This afternoon we went in to Loreto to make another grocery store run before what we hope will actually be us leaving Puerto Escondido. Going to town is nothing to be taken lightly here with the five-hundred peso taxi trip. About the only thing of note from our trip today … Read More

Go Diego Go

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I don’t know how we managed to get stranded here for so long. It is the least attractive and the least interesting spot we’ve been, yet a week later here we sit. Ouest still looks like she is on death’s doorstep, though she continues to act as if nothing is … Read More



Ouest has been sick the past few days; fevers, not eating, and then today a rash broke out all over her body and seemed to just keep getting worse and spreading to more and more places. She looked terrible by bed time but wasn’t complaining of any pain. We put … Read More

Interview with SAIL Magazine

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The Bumfuzzles’ Liveaboard Lifestyle By Lindsey Silken • Posted: May 22, 2012 If you haven’t started following Pat and Ali Schulte’s blog on our sister site,, you’re missing out on the following: intimate details of the day-to-day of circumnavigating with young kids, adorable snapshots of said kids, lessons learned when fixing a … Read More

Holding Tight

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We didn’t do much today. Ouest was still not feeling all that great and none of us got any sleep last night, so today we just took it as easy as possible. Lowe is now standing straight up without any aids, balancing for ten seconds or so, and then taking … Read More


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Ouest had a fever today and was pretty out of it all afternoon. So much so in fact that she fell asleep completely on her own at one point. She never sits still long enough to do that and now we’re Googling whether or not it is possible to give … Read More