Yeah Lowe!

Look at him go. Life inside Bumfuzzle these days.


Ouest is a full on swimming machine. Something clicked for her today. Up to now she could swim, but that only meant she could dog paddle in place for a little while. She couldn’t move. But today that all changed and she figured out how to move. Forward, backward, around … Read More


Today’s pictures make me smile from ear to ear. Lowe is growing up quick now and all of the sudden he is fun. He has a sense of humor. He likes to be chased. He squeals, he talks to himself, and he laughs. He’s still a lot of work, but … Read More


This is the kids playing with the new refrigerator. They like this one way better than the old one. It comes complete with ice cubes. Since we’ve only got a week left on the boat before traipsing off for the summer we figured we’d just go this route instead of … Read More


A couple weeks back Ali thought it would be funny to teach Ouest my name. I think because it is so close to Papa she really took a shine to it. She now splits it about fifty-fifty with Papa. “Hey Ouest, it’s time to eat.” “Why Pot?” Or, “Ouest, I … Read More

Awww Barrettes

We’re back in the swing of things around here. What that means is we do about an hour worth of boat projects per day and spend the rest of the time wrangling kids, swimming, eating, playing, napping, doing laundry, and everything else that goes with it. The boat projects at … Read More

Crossed Off

I don’t know why it feels like we’ve been away for so long as it has only been a couple of months, but we are both happy to be back here and taking it easy with a few luxuries like swimming pools and grocery stores at our fingertips. It makes … Read More

Mexico Love

It’s been a year today since Ali and I entered Mexico this time around. Her coming in almost eight months pregnant with Ouest in hand, and me sailing down the coast of Baja. I read a blog posting by some South Pacific cruisers the other day that talked about how … Read More

Back in Paradise

Every time we think we’ve had our worst night ever we top it soon after. Last night started off badly enough with the huge swell rolling us all over the place. Then came darkness and lightning all around. We’d barely gotten to sleep when things got out of hand. A … Read More

No Shore Leave

Day two of the passage was uneventful. Light winds, motorsailing, and making good time in slight seas. Ouest went to bed last night with her two “Pookie” books. That’s the name of the character. After we read them she insisted that she hold onto them as she fell asleep. So … Read More

Floating Home

Seems a little strange to be heading out to cross the Sea at the same time a hurricane is whipping things around down in Acapulco. But we set out this morning nonetheless. Spent the day motoring in either very light winds or moderately strong winds right on the nose. This … Read More

A Good Toddler

We’ve been in preparation mode the past couple of days. There’s always a list of things to get done before any passage, even a simple two night crossing. Laundry is always high on our list. Groceries are a must. And we can never leave anywhere without adding a bit to … Read More