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Today we moved all of our crap back on to the boat. Just our crap, not us. We’re off to Portland, Oregon for the month, then to Minnesota the month after that. It’s the big grandparent’s tour. Not counting the few hours Lowe spent being dragged across the border in … Read More


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We’ve spent a lot of time cooped up the past week with nothing but our toys to keep the kids entertained. Ouest, despite our best attempts, has not become proficient at sharing. Lowe, to combat this, has learned to be sneaky. We have seven Little People and Ouest plays games … Read More

Si? No.

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Well nobody, except maybe Ali, is anywhere close to a hundred percent around here. So we’ve tried to take it easy the past couple days. Yesterday the kids got checked out at the doctor. He seemed happy with the two of them and as of now they are done with … Read More

Just Like That

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Time to try and catch up. Lowe bounced back completely the next day and you’d have never known he was sick, unless you realized just how pale his color still was. Doctor’s orders have him signed up to return to the hospital daily for a big ugly shot in the … Read More

Poor Lowe

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For the past couple of weeks Lowe hasn’t had a solid poop. Yes, I know, poop talk. Would you rather I call it caca? There’s a Spanish lesson for you. So we went in and saw his pediatrician who ordered a couple poop scoop tests. Both came back negative for … Read More

Bumfuzzle’s Cruising Buffoonery


We’ve often been accused of playing up our lack of sailing experience. People say things like, “They can’t really be that dumb.” To which we reply, “Au contraire, we most certainly can be that dumb.” And I think, really, we all can be. The difference is that I don’t mind admitting it. … Read More


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Pretty quiet around here lately. We’ve got our routines, which are ruled by naps, we’ve got our walks, and we’ve got our favorite restaurants and taco carts. It’s a narrow circle we move through these days. We move slowly through the heat, just like the rest of the Mexicans. The … Read More


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Money Magazine just released it’s 100 Best Places to Live list. Number eleven is Woodbury, Minnesota, the city Ali and I bought our first house in. When I read this I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Best place to live? Seriously? This is the eleventh best city the … Read More


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This morning we all walked over to the Mexican passport office to see if maybe we could speed things up a bit. Last week they told us they were now doing it by appointment and we couldn’t get in until the 31st. We leave for the States the next day, … Read More


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Ouest and I went to take a look at the boat. Again, it’s still there. Which is nice. I wonder if people ever steal sailboats? Not just rob them, but motor out of the harbor and raise a sail never to be seen again. Seems so easy to do. Companionway … Read More


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I’ve been working on being a little more giving lately. The homeless and the beggars here in Mexico have a hell of a tough life. To be honest I can’t fathom how they survive day to day. Old women, and by old I mean like ninety years, holding out a … Read More


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Just a quick walk down to the park and a new restaurant today. At the park it appears the resident homeless man has moved out, and somebody came through and cleaned the whole place. No more pee smell by the swings, hooray! Later on I was talking to a local … Read More