A Bucerias New Year


La Cruz is a sleepy town. After a couple of weeks I dare say a boring town. There’s nothing wrong with it, but wandering its streets doesn’t take long and chances are good that unless you go inside a store you won’t see anybody. So today, New Year’s Eve, we … Read More

TackTick/Raymarine, Where Are You?


So yeah, I bought into the marketing on this one. Basically TackTick wind/speed/depth instruments sold me on the fact that I wouldn’t have to run any wiring. They are wireless instruments, designed for the lazy boat owner—me. Garbage is all I have to say about these things. They have one … Read More

Around La Cruz

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Ali and I are continually remarking to each other, “God, she is getting so big.” I’d say ten times a day Ouest does something that causes us to say that out loud. She’s just changing and changing. She’s tall enough to do things that just weeks ago she wasn’t able … Read More

Boats, man.


Well the feedback I’ve gotten on the rudder post has been encouraging. Overall it doesn’t sound like something to get too freaked out about. I’ll give repacking the stuffing box a try, and if that doesn’t work we’ll just have to make sure the bilge pumps keep working. The plan … Read More

Rudder Post Blues


So I finally got in there and took a good look at the rudder post today. Now wishing I hadn’t and that I’d just continued to bury my head in the sand. Here’s what I found: Galvanic corrosion. Last time we had the hull scraped at Paradise Village the diver … Read More



Christmas. I could care less, which seems to put me in a distinct minority. A lot of people proclaim not to like Christmas, but in the same breath admit that they couldn’t resist buying loads of crap that nobody really needed—as if they had no control. We didn’t do one … Read More

Happy Birthday Mama


What a day. Road trips with kids are brutal. Brutal I say! Today was like some sort of crazy twisted episode of The Twilight Zone in which everything that happened last Sunday happened again this Sunday, but with the opposite family members. I won’t bore with the details of the … Read More

Parks and Recreation


So by now you’ve realized that we finally updated our website. When we started this back in 2003 there were no blogs, or at least they were still in their infancy and we didn’t know about them. So I taught myself one night how to use Frontpage 2003 and built … Read More

Some Beach Time

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This morning we walked around at the far south end of the beach where Old Town begins and where all the fishermen and their boats are situated. It’s an interesting area full of salty men who look as if they have been coming here each and every morning since they … Read More

Aquarium Bunnies


The Mazatlan Aquarium is right down the street from us and is actually pretty well regarded as far as that sort of thing goes.  Always looking for new ways to entertain the kids we figured sharks just might do the trick. And it was a pretty nice aquarium—nice enough in … Read More