No Drama


Recently we were contacted by the producers of an upcoming reality-style parenting television show. They seemed to think we would be the perfect fit for the show which is to be about unusual parenting styles. Two Americans having kids in Mexico to live on a sailboat qualifies as that I … Read More

Killer Iguana


This morning we took the gang over to the aquarium. We like wandering around the grounds there more than we like the actual aquarium. While we were standing around looking at the crocodiles we heard a loud thump. We turned to see a huge orange iguana had fallen out of … Read More

I Could Use a Sweatshirt

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Today was one of those windy cloudy days where nobody can really get motivated to do much but go out to eat. Of course the kids aren’t down with that so I get nominated to do the swimming on the rooftop with them. Once my lips turn blue I am … Read More

Mi Familia


Our neice and Ali’s parents arrived for a visit yesterday. I can’t tell you how excited Ouest was to see them all. She’s been talking about playing with Lea for a week now, discussing all the fun things they were going to do together. Today they went swimming, read books, … Read More

No T.V.


One of the best reasons to raise kids on a boat is not having television. Ouest loves her books, but Lowe may be even more into them than her. Any time of the day or night, no matter what he is doing, if we ask, “Lowe, do you want to … Read More

Who Uses Phones Anyway?


I realized today that maybe I’m relying a little bit too much on the website to relay information to family. Ali and I have never been phone people. We were the type to throw the phone back and forth to each other while the person on the other end of … Read More



After dinner and two hours of sleep we pulled the anchor up off the rocks and got underway again. The kids slept through all the noise of us getting moving. There was no wind but the seas were just a lumpy mess with swell running all over the place—the main … Read More

Water, Water, All Around


We motored all day pretty uneventfully to Isla Isabela where I was quickly reminded why I’ve never liked this place—the anchorage is terrible. Coral and rocks on top of hard packed ground, with no sand in sight. I anchored three times, thought I had a decent hold, dove in to … Read More

The Best of Mexico


After a couple of days on the beach we decided to pop back into town today. Easier said than done on a lazy Monday afternoon. This anchorage is a few miles from town and literally the only thing out here on the entire bay are incredibly dilapidated fish restaurants. So … Read More

San Blas


Went into town today. Nothing especially exciting happening there—in fact it was pretty darn sleepy. We walked round and round and I’m sure the locals were thinking, “How many times are they going to walk through the plaza today?” Seven, thank-you very much. The kids got ice cream, got accosted … Read More

Super Storm (15 Knots)


Man, I like that little town of Chacala, but I will never visit that anchorage again. We took off early this morning, with bags under our eyes, and cruised up the coast twenty miles to San Blas where we have enjoyed some pretty terrible nights in the past as well. … Read More

That’s Swell


In case I left any room for doubt on the matter let me spell it out, C-A-T-S W-I-N. Here is why: go back through our old catamaran logs and count the number of times we complained about an anchorage because of swell (not because of other idiot cruisers). Now go … Read More