Sick Boat


Ouest started acting weird at breakfast and we could tell she was sick. “Me not sick, me not sick.” She insisted she felt okay and was adamant that she wanted to go to the playground as usual. So off we all went down the dock. About ten slips down she … Read More

Just Five Pesos


This morning Ouest asked in a hopeful voice, “We go sailing today, Mama?” Ali: “No, remember Grammy is coming to visit? We’ll go sailing after that.” Ouest: “Grammy go sailing?” Ali: “No, Grammy isn’t going sailing.” Ouest: “Why Grammy not go sailing?” Ali: “Grammy doesn’t know how.” Ouest: “Why?” Ali: … Read More

Taking it Slow

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Really just sort of taking it easy lately. Getting a few little boat projects done here and there. Spending a lot of time with the kids on the playgrounds and beaches. And meeting up with new and old friends. Grammy visits in a week and the kids couldn’t be more … Read More

Motor Mounts


Sort of bad news on the engine today. Good news if you look at it another way. So yesterday when I was messing around with the tachometer I started up the engine while the engine compartment was open. I noticed a noise and traced it to a loose bolt on … Read More

Black Ops


Tourist visas for Mexico are good for six months. Ali and I need them, our Mexican children do not. There is an alternative, the FM-3, but it’s time consuming and by most accounts ends up being rather expensive. When your six months are up you take yourself up and over … Read More

Small World


All right, so that thinga-ma-bob was indeed a tachometer sending unit. When I removed it the brittle sealed wires immediately broke off, so there wasn’t much work to be done in trying to fix it. I’ve seen this thing all along and always just assumed it was an oil pressure … Read More



Always small projects being whittled away at on the boat. Things like getting all the fans working (i.e. not squealing or vibrating), sealing a leaky skylight, and repairing a broken drawer. Also a few that are slightly more important. One of our lifeline stanchions nearly pulled right out of the … Read More



Just looking through the pictures from today, I realized how Ouest’s imagination is working overtime these days. From digging for pirate treasure, to our tiny rock island with the feet melting water surrounding it, to the fish she was reeling in with her invisible fishing pole, to the rides we … Read More

La Paz

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We went into town today to visit a book store, walk around the main plaza, and grab a bite to eat. I have to say, I’m really not enamored with La Paz. All the cruisers here like to talk about how “sticky” the place is—meaning it is hard to leave—but … Read More

What Does it Cost to Cruise?


What does it cost to cruise? What’s a reasonable amount to budget for a sail around the world? Is X amount enough to live comfortably on a sailboat? It doesn’t matter how you word this question, we’ve heard them all a hundred times. Well before Ali and I ever started cruising … Read More

La Paz Beaches

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We keep meaning to walk around town—get out and do something productive. But day after day Lowe wakes up from his nap and Ouest says, “I want to go swimming. Be a mermaid.” So off to the beach we go. Then we plan on going out for tacos for dinner, … Read More