// April 17, 2013

Small Talk

“No way!” That is Ouest’s latest saying. She doesn’t say it like a valley girl or anything, she says it clearly and directly.

“Ouest, can I have a bite of your ice cream?”

“No way!”

“Ouest, instead of turning four on your next birthday will you turn two? I want a chica girl, not grande.” (She talks about her next birthday all the time. It’s eight months away.)

“No way! No! Me grande girl.”

One day Ouest can count just fine, the next day sounds like this, “One, two, three, four, five, cinco, ace, settay, nine, ten!”

As for Lowe, he isn’t saying squat. About the only words out of his mouth right now are: Mama, Papa, and bug. As in VW beetle. When he wakes up in the morning I go in his room and we play for a little while and without fail the first toys he grabs are the blue ’67 VW Beetle (his) and the red ’67 with surfboard on top (mine). Then of course this being Mexico he sees another fifty bugs a day on the streets. “Bug!” He yells it and points and is quite proud of himself every time.

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