// April 18, 2013

Fish Head

We were at the beach today and Ouest was running around picking up dozens of sliced in half oranges, melon skins, and all manner of other fruit that could only have come from some cruiser’s boat, when she spotted a giant white blob floating in the shallows. She ran over to grab it too when I yelled at her to stop. She jumped back just in time for it to roll over and reveal itself as the humongous fish head that it was.

“It’s a fish head baby, you don’t want to pick that up.”

“Fish head? Why?”

“Well, because a fisherman caught him and cut the head off so he could eat the rest of it.”

“The fish is no happy?”

“No, I don’t think the fish is happy.”


“Because he’s dead.”

“Dead, why?”

“Because the fisherman caught him.”


“Because the fisherman wanted to have fish tacos for dinner tonight.”

“Fish tacos, why?”

“Because we all love fish tacos don’t we?”

pause…”The fish is no happy, why?”

And on and on it goes. We get a lot of why’s these days.

I got the engine all put back together today. The alternator bracket I had made was perfectly done. Of course I only managed to finish all the work while Lowe was napping and when he got up I forgot all about it, but tomorrow for sure we will fire this bad boy up again and throw it in gear to see just how bad I’ve managed to screw things up.

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