// April 19, 2013

Not Quite Ranting

I don’t often do this—bag on companies—so when I do you can be assured that their products are indeed crap.

First up, Dr. LEDs.  These are something like thirty bucks apiece and are supposed to plug into your normal existing running lights and replace the old-fashioned power hungry bulbs with bright, almost non-existent power consuming light. Instead we had lights that sometimes came on, sometimes didn’t, and eventually just crapped out altogether. The metal base on each one seemed to come apart from the bulb itself making them nearly impossible to install as whenever I’d try to twist them into place in the socket the whole thing would threaten to come apart. Anyway, as of this morning the running lights wouldn’t come on at all. I got out the original light bulbs, threw out the Dr. LEDs, popped in the dollar bulbs, and there it was, proper working running lights again.

Apr19 1

Then there are these ridiculous 12 volt fans from CAFRAMO. Expensive pieces of Chinese plastic. I’m guessing they are Chinese as they are about as well built as a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy. We bought three of them—one remains, but just barely. The first one couldn’t be shut off one day. I took it apart and found that the button mechanism inside was about the size of a grain of rice and most likely cost the company one to two cents to produce. It was broken. The next one did the classic vibrate-until-you-go-crazy routine constantly. I took that one apart and found some miniature metal piece that is supposed to hold the blade to the rotator-thingy was broken. That was probably a two to three cent piece. The third one is currently functioning with borrowed parts from the old one and new wires soldered on to the circuit board. I expect it should last another two weeks or so. None of these fans died of over use—they died and are dying because they are junk.

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Our dock neighbors were having a birthday party on the beach today and invited us to join in. Ouest may be the only three-year-old on the planet who can help pick up a huge pile of chocolate and candy after bashing a piñata, and not even ask for a piece. Basically if it isn’t one of Mama’s homemade cupcakes or vanilla ice cream she doesn’t care. This fact alone is why we can still take her to the grocery store with us. Lowe is totally following in her footsteps too.

Apr19 6

Tonight when we were all saying goodnight to each other Ouest gave me a kiss and followed it up with an eskimo kiss. I was holding Lowe at the time and suddenly felt his hands on each of my cheeks—he turned my head to his and rubbed his tiny nose back and forth across mine. Gently—and he’s never gentle. First time eskimo kisser and one seriously adorable little man.