// April 30, 2013

Awkward Lobster

All right, so this was a little awkward.

The family we offered the clothes to came out in their boat this afternoon. We invited them aboard and we all sat up front and played with the car and some toys for a little bit.

Cool. Nice little boy, friendly mother and I had a nice chat with the dad and a friend of theirs. We gave them the bag of clothes and as they were pulling away the dad asked me again, “Langostas?”

Sure, we’ll take some lobster.

“We’ll be back in three hours.”

So the guys came back later in the afternoon just as we were leaving the beach. We pulled up alongside of them and they started showing us their day’s catch, including four small lobster. After they showed us the fish and the lobster they sort of sat there as if waiting for us to say something more. But we didn’t know what to say, we thought they were giving us some lobster as a return gift. [Note: We really weren’t looking for anything in return, we just didn’t want to be insulting. Turns out that wouldn’t be a problem.]

The awkwardness dragged on for like a minute. Finally I saw the friend who I was pulled right up next to look at the dad like, “Dude, what the hell? Do something.”

So the dad came forward, held up the four lobster and said, “One hundred pesos. Is all right?”

Awww, crap. He wasn’t asking me about lobster because he wanted to give me some in return for the clothes, he was asking because he wanted to make a sale.

“Oh sure, yeah, one hundred pesos, sure thing, sounds good. Follow us to the boat and we’ll grab that for you.”

So anyway, that whole episode was just a little awkward for us. We gave away a bunch of clothes, bought a bunch of lobster we didn’t want, and I think—but can’t be sure— that we may have agreed to donate to the Officer’s Union, sponsor and pay for Diego to go to college in the U.S., and buy a dozen boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

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