San Juanico

We moved north up to Caleta San Juanico today mainly because we have been soaking up so much battery power trying to run the AC fridge and squeeze out a degree or two of coolness out of it that our batteries are dead. So instead of running them all day … Read More

Green Agua

After a morning dip in Ballandra we motored a couple of hours to Punta Pulpito where we dropped the hook in twelve feet of green water. “Green agua Papa, why?” “Yep, it’s green. I don’t know why.” “Me no like green agua—like blue. Why green Papa?” The island is a … Read More

Find Sand Dollar Papa

Motored out of Puerto Escondido today and just a few hours north to Puerto Ballandra where we enjoyed a few days earlier this month. For hours Ouest repeated the phrase, “Me want you to find a sand dollar, Papa.” Cute at first, annoying as hell after number one hundred. Fortunately … Read More


We found a copy of the movie Chicken Run and thought maybe it was time to let Ouest watch these sorts of full length cartoon movies. Twenty minutes into it she was crying. “Why is that man being mean to the chicken?!” she screamed with tears welling up and then … Read More


Ouest took another leap forward with her swimming today—swimming underwater. She’s been putting her head under while swimming for months, but always just for a second. Today she stayed under and stroked, and stroked, and stroked. And every time she came up she was smiling as wide as her mouth … Read More

Fly This Car to Minnesota

We stood on the sidewalk of the airport this morning and said goodbye to grandma and grandpa. Grandma cried, told Ouest she’d be back soon, and then disappeared inside. “All right Ouest, let’s go to the market,” Ali said. “No. Grandma’s coming back. She’s going to come to Bumfuzzle.” For … Read More


Too bad great-grandma can’t be here too. That doesn’t sound right—she’s in Minnesota, not dead.

The Grandparents in Loreto

Really just taking it easy this week. No writing, not a lot of pictures, a 15-3 lead in cribbage tournament with Grandpa, and a lot of time in the water with the kids. It might look like a bus stop, but it is actually the town library. Yes, that is … Read More


We walked around Loreto today. There really isn’t much to this town, which is fine because walking around towns with an entourage is always slow going anyway. There is a main road through Loreto that consists of a grocery store (where you will find quite possibly the only Mountain Dew … Read More

Catching Up

Grandparents are here and the kids are happy as can be. Been spending mornings at a cafe down the street, then to the pool, and afternoons in town. I haven’t written much because I’ve been very busy running up an 11-0 cribbage record against my father-in-law.

Act Now, Think Later

Act Now, Think Later. This has always been my mindset—for better or worse. I’d like to think that I intentionally choose to be this way, but it is probably more of a genetic defect. To give an idea of how this works with me let me explain what I did … Read More


Ali’s parents arrive tomorrow and we had reserved a car for the week, but today decided we were bored enough with this place that we needed to get the car a day early and go to town. When we got up to the marina building there weren’t any taxis around … Read More