Oh, Hey Papa

My bus eventually rolled in to Tucson at 3:30 in the morning. I got to the airport and found out right off the bat that my flight was delayed. Then delayed again, and again. I was supposed to have a three-hour layover in San Francisco, but it was now looking … Read More

Midnight Border Run

The other day I asked the owner of this café if his son would be interested in watching Mango the fish—we’d pay him of course. The kid said he would but then realized he was going to the States in a couple of weeks and it wouldn’t work out. That’s … Read More

Work, Work, Work.

Warning: This post contains entirely too much boat work talk. Here is the e-mail conversation Ali and I just had (that’s right, e-mail conversation, because we don’t know how to text or IM or whatever the hell it is): Ali: No blog posts. Have you been taking pictures? Me: Haven’t … Read More

Gone Baby Gone

We woke up early today, loaded into the car and headed for Hermosillo—the nearest place to catch a flight to the States—ninety minutes away. By the time we got there Ouest already had two blisters on her heels due to her horrible parents putting shoes on her instead of sandals. … Read More


We rented a car today, which made San Carlos a much better place. Not enough to make me like it, but enough to hate it less. Ali and the kids fly out tomorrow. I’m four days behind them after hopefully knocking off a fair bit of the boat’s to-do list. … Read More


Something that really irks me is the sight of a bunch of crappy old sailboats left abandoned in a bay. At some point the owners of these things must have come to terms with the fact that they would never sail them again—that they had no desire to go back … Read More

Cancel That

We came to San Carlos for the sole purpose of hauling the boat out, getting the bottom painted, and fixing a couple of small things. We thought it would be easy enough. It seems like everybody cruising in the Sea of Cortez in May is headed for San Carlos to … Read More


Ouest wore a polka-dot shirt today which prompted what has become my favorite word out of her mouth—poke-a-knot. Grandmas, next time you’re buying Ouest a dress, please look for poke-a-knots. Went in to Guaymas this afternoon. Not much to say really. It’s a city. It’s got Home Depot, McDonald’s, and … Read More

San Carlos or North Dakota?

I was talking to a local lady today that had—up until a few days ago—owned a bar here at the marina. She told me they decided to sell, in part because business sucked, and in part because the cartels had slowly been moving in. In fact, she told me, the … Read More

Swimming Raccoons

So it turns out finding a beach in San Carlos isn’t that easy. We got in the dinghy and zipped back out the way we had come in but realized that the shoreline everywhere was just rock. The beach out front of the actual town is sandy (I believe), but … Read More

The Arizona Suburbs

We left last night right after putting the kids to bed. It’s the second short passage in a row that we’ve done this way, and to be honest I wish we could make every stretch over twenty miles this way. The kids sleep like logs and Ali and I are … Read More

Happy What Day?

This morning we hiked up to the top of the hill where the cemetery and the big white cross that go with it lord over the town. Headstones just sort of crawled all over the rocky hilltops in every direction. Makes one wonder if you simply go up there and … Read More