Fountain Park


We took the kids to the fountain park this afternoon. It’s a free attraction just across the street from the malecón. The kids that are there on a Saturday are 100% local, mostly (I’m guessing) from neighborhoods well off the beach, and wearing their underwear. I’m also guessing that because … Read More

Typical Day


Our days right now go like this. We have about an hour to get the kids dressed and walk out the door for school. I take them, drop Ouest off, and then Lowe and me spend a couple of hours wandering up to the beach, swimming, and wandering back. It’s … Read More

Mazatlan Randomness


Randomness. Lowe rolls Ouest backpack to school every day now. Ouest generously allows this because, “Lowe doesn’t get to go to school.” Spaghetti night. Michelada Cielo Rojo or Michelada con Clamato—nothing beats this beer drink on a hot day. Clamato, some pepper, and usually a spice or two chosen by … Read More

Sailing Wimps


A while back I mentioned that I had a dock neighbor in La Paz who had been working on his engine without much success. He was an Australian who had just moved aboard his new-to-him Morgan 43 five weeks earlier and intended to leave any day for Indonesia with his … Read More



As I was walking out of the house this morning I realized I’d lost my keys. We couldn’t find them anywhere and after rehashing the previous day’s last entrance through the gate we came to the conclusion that I must have left them in the lock. Later we tore the … Read More

Slow Hot Day


Quiet day. We went up to the malecón this morning because on Sundays the police block off half the road for pedestrians to use. The sidewalk itself is huge, but we thought the kids would get a kick out of playing in the street. As we arrived at nine the … Read More

Mazatlan Life


We’re loving this Old Town Mazatlan living. This place we rented is right smack dab in the heart of Old Town and we can get anything we could possibly need within a three minute walk. It’s amazing. Fruit/Meat/Fish market, check. Supermarket, check. Convenience store, check. Shoe store, check. Kids uniform … Read More

First Week in the Books


Well Ouest did it, she made it through her first week of school. To be honest, I gave this little experiment about a fifty/fifty shot of surviving a week. I figured if she didn’t like it and cried to us that she didn’t want to go back that there would … Read More

Tailors and Nannies


Ouest’s jumper finally arrived today, but was too big. Well last week when I posted to a Mazatlan forum that we were looking for a nanny one of the replies came from a lady who said her husband was a tailor. So I contacted her and found out that their … Read More

One on One

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One of the side benefits of Ouest going to school is that it opens up more time for Lowe and I to spend one on one. With Ouest I’ve always had plenty of this. We had her first twenty months before Lowe came along, and we’ve had at least a … Read More

First Day of School


We just dropped Ouest off for her first day of school. What a moment. Bittersweet. Here’s how this came about. A few months back Ouest started talking about going to school. She talked about it and talked about it. We read Berenstain Bear books about it, and every time we … Read More

Bike Tire


Today Ouest and I took her bike to the gas station to fill a flat tire. Gas stations here in Mexico still have free air and water—try finding that in the States—and a small crowd gathered around to look at the bike and see what the gringos were up to. … Read More