Three Day Weekend


We used to hate weekends because it meant people wouldn’t be at work, and since we don’t work we’d just prefer everyone else did—you know, to take care of us. Now all of the sudden Ouest is in school and we have to give a crap about weekends again, because … Read More

Mazatlan’s Municipal Market


This is the Municipal Market located just two blocks down the street from us. We’re in there daily for fruit, tamales, horchata, ice cream, or just as a short-cut on our way back from the taco or gordita stands. The building is 114 years old—and I’d be willing to bet … Read More



The past couple of days have been nothing more than our normal everyday wanderings around town. The beach, the marina, the Dairy Queen. Pretty tame. We were disappointed to find that the marina area continues its decline. A couple more restaurants have been shuttered, grass is growing three feet tall … Read More

Engine News


I talked to the mechanic today, and here is the news. First, the shop that the head was brought into checked it all out and found no cracks. Nothing wrong in fact. Best news I could have hoped to hear. The transmission was simply the nut at the rear coming … Read More

Round Town


We were maybe five blocks from home, walking down the main road, when the kids both decided it was time for a break. Lowe needed a snack and a drink, Ouest needed to write something. This was a ten-minute delay. Some buildings are just so god-awful ugly and insanely dangerous … Read More

Bits and Pieces


After breakfast this morning I said to Ali, “Thanks for breakfast.” Ouest heard this and immediately responded with her own, “Thanks for dinner Mama.” Everything is dinner for some reason. She knows what breakfast and lunch and lunner are obviously, but still she calls them all dinner. I dropped Ouest … Read More

To the Boat


What day is it? I’m so confused. Late Tuesday night I left the house in heavy downpours and climbed on a bus headed for Guaymas. It’s a twelve hour bus ride, but fortunately not the chicken buses of old. These days we get wifi and two clean non-stinky bathrooms—and not … Read More

Día de la Independencia


Today is Independence Day here in Mexico, and to celebrate we went out to watch the parade along the waterfront. Ouest dressed up again and drew plenty of approving glances. The parade itself wasn’t much to get excited about. It started out with a bunch of different military contingents marching … Read More

Cry of Dolores


This afternoon we went up to the fountain park again, followed it up with some tacos, and then put the kids to bed at seven as usual. Four hours later I walked two blocks over to the plaza for the Grito de Dolores. The place was packed with families. I honestly … Read More

Beach Day

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Just an average day at the beach really. Ouest was riding her bike around the house today, racing me on the scooter, when she started cutting through the dining room in order to win. “Hey that’s not fair,” I complained. “I’m taking a haircut Papa. Sometimes you win, and sometimes … Read More

A School Festival


Today was a special day at school. The 16th is the Dia de la Indepencia, Mexico’s Independence Day. It’s actually the day the Mexican War of Independence began, not the day it ended. It’s a very big day in Mexico and celebrated every bit as joyfully as July 4th in … Read More