Dressing Up…Again


After school Ouest and I went to the market to have tamales for lunch. When we got there we ran into one of her classmates whose aunt happens to own the vegetable stand next to the tamales. Lunch was put on hold while the girls ran around taking pictures of each … Read More

Nothing Much


Seriously, nothing much. We were supposed to go over to Stone Island with some local friends today but that fell through. Instead we took it easy, gearing up for a couple of interesting and busy days ahead.



Two or three weeks ago—after two months of school—Ouest suddenly started having separation anxiety when I dropped her off at school. One day, out of the blue, I said goodbye then realized she was still holding my hand tightly. I looked down and saw her lip quivering and tears welling … Read More

Walking Old Town


This morning we went out for a walk, had a snack at a new to us café that Ali had spotted a few days earlier, and then explored a few streets that we hadn’t been up or down before. I love the color and the faded rough edges that are … Read More

It’s Potty Time


Lowe is on the home stretch in the potty-training game and I can’t tell you how excited that makes both of us. The thought of cruising without diapers is something we almost dared not think about. And now here we are. Granted, we’ll still have night-time nappies for a while … Read More

Get Your Shine Box


Pretty quiet around here. Lowe has a rash from the depths of hell, and Ouest appears to be getting sick. So really just normal everyday life. Lowe and I walked Ouest to school this morning. As we walked through the gate I immediately noticed that the kids were not wearing … Read More

Pics and Paint


Checking the settings. Getting the shot. Reviewing. With a very serious look. Meanwhile, not so serious. When Lowe and I drop Ouest off in the mornings most of the shops aren’t open yet—meaning that the big metal gates are all down. Lowe loves this time of day. He breaks out … Read More

Howdy Pilgrim


It’s starting to feel as if about every fourth day of school requires some sort of new outfit. Today Ouest was to dress up in the United States’ traditional dress and bring a flag. Apparently this was for Flag Day, or Parade of Flags, or some such thing. Quick, what … Read More

Mazatlan’s City Park


This is what happens whenever I’m away. Not this specifically, but things just like this. Ali was out to eat with her parents and Lowe the other morning when they met this dog. She attached herself to Ali and followed them the twelve blocks home, in a taxi. By the … Read More

Goodbye Bumfuzzle, For Now


This morning I walked over to the marine store to pick up a few things. One of those things was a gallon of oil. Instinctively I grabbed the large one gallon bottle, but equally instinctively I made note of the price of the small one liter bottle next to it … Read More

Putting Bumfuzzle Back Together Again


Okay, so first off, I did get the steering wheel off. The mechanic had a gear puller in his truck and after about one minute with that I had the wheel. What I hadn’t thought of yesterday when I asked about this, was that the shaft was tapered. Makes perfect … Read More

Steering Wheel


Late last night I climbed aboard the northbound bus headed for the boat. And twelve very uncomfortable hours later I stumbled outside again in Guaymas. Another short bus ride and I was at the boat, which had just recently been moved into the work yard to have the bottom painted … Read More