The past few days I’ve been plugging away at the bus list. I started in on the engine, replacing plugs, plug wires, fuel filters, fuel lines, some hoses, cleaning up the carb linkages, installing a new starter battery and fixing up the wiring, etc. All the easy stuff. I also … Read More

Bus is Back


Ouest is on some sort of Easter kick. I honestly don’t know how she figures these things out. We made bunny ears, we cut green construction paper “grass” for her basket, and she spent the entire day asking Ali to make eggs. I had to ask Ali, “When is Easter … Read More

Snow Falls


Yesterday was a weird day where the temp hovered right around freezing and it rained most of the day. Of course when temps started to fall the rain turned to snow and we got nailed again. It made for a beautiful day today though. I’ll concede, even Minnesota can be … Read More

Local Celebs


We were at the library today when a news crew stopped and started chatting up Ali. We were actually outside the library at this point, in the atrium area letting the kids run around and throw pennies in the pond. They were shooting a bit about what parents are doing … Read More

Sending a Letter


I sent a letter—yeah, like an actual letter that you put in the mailbox—to an old lady whom I believe was the original owner of our bus. I’m hoping she gets back to me and says she’s got a box full of old photos that I am welcome to have. … Read More

46 and Sunny


This is more or less a snow post. Without the bus around the past few days there hasn’t been much else to do but try to make the best of what we’ve got. And what we’ve got is an abundance of snow. Today things got crazy and the temp blew … Read More

A Small Act of Kindness


New tires are on and everything underneath has been lubed up. So far so good—no problems. I’m missing our bus. So today we drove out to one of those hotel/swim parks that are popular in these obnoxiously cold states. We were meeting Ali’s sister and niece. We pulled into the … Read More

Drive to the Shop


I took the bus out this morning—in a couple of inches of fresh snow— for an hour-long drive across town. New tires are going on, the back window is being reinstalled, holes in the roof are being sealed, and hopefully a few other projects that would suck up a lot … Read More

Early to Rise


Despite our best efforts, Lowe is a morning person. He wakes up a full hour and a half before Ouest—and before we’d like to be awake—but we can’t change him. He’s chipper. We make him wait until six o’clock before we head downstairs to face the day, and then we … Read More



Ali took the kids to a play area the other day. Ouest started playing with a girl who asked her name. Ouest is still struggling with the S sound, so Ouest sounds a lot like Wet. She told her her name a couple of times and then the girl turned … Read More

Project Partridge


It feels like things are moving right along now. Never as fast as we’d like, but we’re getting there. Our friend Mike—whose shed we’re parked in—has been helping me out with some of the wiring craziness. He was finally able to cut the last wire off the old, heavily abused … Read More



The last couple of days I’ve gotten a few things done on the bus. The big one is the insulation. I had finally decided that maybe I would go with the spray foam insulation. I ended up getting two quotes out of the six companies I contacted. Both were for … Read More