46 and Sunny


Feb18 25

This is more or less a snow post. Without the bus around the past few days there hasn’t been much else to do but try to make the best of what we’ve got. And what we’ve got is an abundance of snow.

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Today things got crazy and the temp blew up to forty-six. I thought a trip to a local park would be fun. Ali didn’t think so. Turns out she was both wrong and right. Somehow it never occurred to me that nobody else would have visited the park since the snow started falling eighteen months ago. This was virgin snow territory—and deep—and our kids are short. And us adults still dress like it is springtime because we’re completely unwilling to accept that we are still here freezing and trudging through twenty-foot snow drifts. So she was right that walking through deep snow wouldn’t be fun.

But I was right that doing so would be fun because it would be so ridiculous. Throwing the kids through the air and watching them disappear upon landing is fun. Telling Ouest to jump off the swing at the highest point is fun. Watching her fall off the monkey bars and sink chest deep into the snow is fun. And of course, trying to get a family picture is always fun.

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9 Comments on “46 and Sunny”

  1. Joe P.

    I can not believe how awesome the park story and pics are! That is such a powerful family moment. A memory like that lasts a long time…

  2. Gwen

    Is that the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo that Quest is tuning up?! Very cool. By the way, your kids are really getting big – not sure if they just look that way with all the clothes on, but I notice a difference. Loving your photos – you capture nice shots of both scenery and people.

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