We’ve spent a couple of nights at Craighead Forest Park in Jonesboro, Arkansas. In those two days I’ve lost count of how many friendly people welcomed us to Arkansas. The very first to do so was a behemoth of a man with a shaved head and a giant slug of … Read More

Canopy-less in Arkansas


Ali overheard a conversation this morning between two twenty-ish year-old girls. “Oh my god, you know that pregnant goat of my mama’s?” “Yeah.” “Well, last night she just got up and tried to jump the fence. Didn’t make it though, got all tangled up…” And that was all Ali heard. … Read More

May Need to Stop at Target Again


This morning was cold and rainy, so instead of hanging around we loaded up and headed down the road in search of a diner. New London, Missouri, was the first town along the way. We crept through the three blocks of Main Street where every single store front was shuttered. … Read More

Warming Up Slowly


Yesterday the temps never got out of the teens and the wind never got out of the twenties. Basically, we couldn’t even step foot outside of the bus. I can’t even explain how over cold weather we are. I honestly wouldn’t care one bit if we never saw snow or … Read More

Start the Odometer at 66,712


It was a less than auspicious start to the day when the first words out of Ali’s mouth were, “I have to go back to the dentist.” She was in last week for a toothache and they kind of thought they found the problem and fixed it. Well, maybe, maybe … Read More

Counting Down


Been completely in the bus zone the past few days. A million and one things to do before we close the door, buckle our belts, and hit the road. Mananaoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (that was me falling asleep at the keyboard). Not much to say, and I haven’t been good about taking pictures … Read More

The Bus is Out


Getting so close now. We left the shed yesterday, after many cold weeks of work. Driving down the road it felt like a new bus. Looking in that rear view mirror I couldn’t help but smile. Many thanks to one of our biggest supporters and friend, Mike, for rearranging his … Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Parade


Four years ago we hit the St. Paul St. Patrick’s Day Parade with Ouest, who was three months old at the time. Somehow we’ve found ourselves in Minnesota in March yet again, so… Ten minutes into the festivities Lowe and Ouest were being photographed for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. … Read More



Not much to report from around here. We decided to get the walls finished up before leaving, as the thought of doing it later just sounded too awful to contemplate. I’m glad we did too, because the smell is pretty intense and will be for a few days apparently. In … Read More

New Bikes


It was so nice out today that we gave the kids their new bikes. Stoked. This bike is so fancy it has a hand brake, a kickstand, and even a bell. So you can just imagine the thrill. I couldn’t believe how quick Lowe learned how to use the hand … Read More

A New Floor


The flooring arrived yesterday, and it was in the bus by this afternoon. We ended up going with TrafficMaster Allure Ultra vinyl plank flooring, which is way too expensive, but totally worth it in the end. This stuff just goes together like magic. I did the entire floor in about … Read More



The major interior work is pretty well done. Now there is just a ton of little things like trim, and lights, and some paint, and some shelving, and… The stove still doesn’t work. Either does the heater. It’s only now warm enough to actually put water into the tanks and … Read More