We woke up in Windwhistle today, a BLM campground on the way to Moab. On our way out of Blanding yesterday we stopped off at the gas station/A&W/bowling alley to let the kids bowl a few frames. Lowe threw three balls before becoming bored with it. “Me done.” We have … Read More

Natural Bridges National Monument


From Canyon De Chelley we drove north and eventually through what has to be one of the most poorly named towns in all of America—Mexican Water. There isn’t an American anywhere who hasn’t been warned about drinking Mexican water, and here is this town who has to share the name. … Read More

Canyon De Chelley


We spent another day or two in town, taking advantage of the use of a car to zip from one place to spend money to another (another reason I don’t want a tow vehicle), and then went about figuring out where to go. There are only a couple of routes … Read More

Sandia Peak


This morning our friends took us all up the Sandia Peak Tram for a beautiful view of Albuquerque and beyond. Pizza and beers followed that up. The pizza place gave the kids balls of dough to play with, and we didn’t hear a word from Ouest for the next two hours. … Read More

We Were All Wrong


I took the bus to a shop today with the new master cylinder in hand. Bum friends have lent us a car for our stay in town, so Ali and the kids got to do some running around while I did that, which was certainly a welcome change from our … Read More



We left the State Park and drove to the next town down the road, Las Vegas. New Mexico, not the big Las Vegas. It was Friday evening and we found a brake place just about to close up. They said they’d take a look but we’d have to be there … Read More

Conchas Lake


Yesterday morning Ali and I got to work and bled the brakes. That firmed them up again, so we drove down the road and I dropped Ali and the kids off at breakfast while I spent an hour driving around town, stopping, starting, parking, and anything else I could think … Read More



Okay car guys and gals, this one is for you. After a stop today I started up the bus and went to drive away only to find the brakes were locked up. Like so locked up the bus wouldn’t move. For a second I thought the tranny had gone out … Read More

What else is new?


So the other day the mechanic mentioned to me that these engines were designed to run on 95 octane gas. Nowadays, in Amarillo at least, premium is only 90. He said I might want to try a bottle of octane booster and see if it gets any extra mileage out … Read More

Cadillac Ranch


Finished up the work on the bus yesterday. Some new brake pads, wheel cylinder, carb rebuild, and a Petronix ignitor. It really is amazing what a guy who knows his carbs can do with these things. It’s dialed in so nicely right now. If you remember the trouble I was … Read More

Brakes, Carbs, and Amarillo


If someone had told me we’d be in Amarillo, Texas, for an entire week I’d have laughed them right out of the room. Because, Amarillo. Really? But here we are. Yesterday we brought the bus in to have the brakes checked out. The problem was just a leaky wheel cylinder, … Read More



We’re in Amarillo, and aren’t entirely sure why. We started out headed for the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. We were cruising along some state highway when the road dipped down into the Canyon, or at least one nearby. When I say dipped I mean it went straight down for … Read More