Whidbey Island Fair


Today was the start of the 90th annual Whidbey Island Fair, which sounds pretty grand until you mention it to a few islanders and they stare back at you quizzically. Nobody we talked to seemed to have ever heard of the fair, which was a little disconcerting considering we hung around … Read More

Whidbey Island


From Port Townsend we caught the ferry across to Whidbey Island. While waiting in line for the ferry we got off and stood on the dock nearby. It was funny watching the tourists pose for pictures and the mom’s lift their kids up in the air to get a peek … Read More

Port Townsend


Last week when we were getting that crap rainy weather Ali and I were looking skyward and talking about how it was about to rain. Lowe overheard us while sitting nearby with his cars and asked, “Is the bus gonna leak?” Imagine that coming out of a two-year-old’s mouth, “Zz-da-bus-gnna-leakin?” … Read More

The Sound


My cousin has a house sitting on amazing waterfront near Bremerton, and that’s where we found ourselves the past few nights. Pretty much the best camping spot in Washington, in his front yard with water, electricity, and a path right down to the beach. Kayaks included, as well as the … Read More



I’ve been buffing a little bit here and there lately. By hand it is pretty slow going—I really need to just buy a buffer. It looks really nice when that chalky top layer comes off, though. We continued north to Astoria, where we drove up the hill through town—something we … Read More

Columbia County Fair


We said goodbye to Grammy today, after almost a month. We always seem to stay a month with her. Part of it is because we love her, and part of it is because we love Portland. Portland summers anyway. And while we all love Grammy, it wasn’t her name we … Read More

Date with Strangers


We had a little get-together at the pub the other day. We do these every now and again—inviting Bum friends to drop in and say hi face-to-face instead of through our usual virtual reality. People always ask us, “Isn’t it kind of weird meeting a bunch of people you don’t … Read More

Mississippi Street


Note: If you’re in the Portland area, we’re having a little get together/bus open house at 2:00 Sunday. Hopworks on SE Powell. This is nothing new, just a re-split of an old scar. There’s something natural about a boy and a bloody cut—you know that each cut is just one of … Read More



Peanut-butter cookies this time. I thought this was pretty funny. Ali bought this LeapFrog alphabet pad thing at Target. Just a cheapo little item for Ouest to practice her letters on. She had finished it in the car, and when she got home she brought it over to show me. … Read More



Been taking a bit of a break around here this week. We’ve been doing a little bus work, taking a lot of neighborhood walks, and hanging out with friends quite a bit. I realized that every friend we have in Portland came to us through our website. Kind of weird, … Read More