Whidbey Island


July27 3

From Port Townsend we caught the ferry across to Whidbey Island. While waiting in line for the ferry we got off and stood on the dock nearby. It was funny watching the tourists pose for pictures and the mom’s lift their kids up in the air to get a peek into Ouest and Lowe’s room. Lots of love for this bus.

We crossed to Whidbey and drove to the small town of Coupeville, watched an elephant seal play around, and had an ice cream before heading off to look for a place to do some laundry and spend the night.

We ended up in Oak Harbor where we quickly discovered we had Bum friends. We had dinner with one family and drinks with another before day two was through. Both were Navy families—transplants from somewhere else, which always makes for interesting conversation.

The campground we were in was right next to a big park complete with multiple playgrounds and a swimming lagoon rinsed out by the tide once a day. The kids weren’t complaining.

Today we moved, driving south in search of a state park that wasn’t full. We ended up right next to the ferry dock in a waterfront spot despite the signs at the entrance saying the campground was full—luckily for us there was nowhere to turn around. The kids spent the afternoon throwing rocks into the water and building a driftwood bridge before I finally built them the bonfire that Ouest has been hounding us about for too long. Six bucks for six chunks of wood—what a racket. We only had little marshmallows, but that didn’t detract from Ouest’s happiness one bit. Lowe, however, took one bite of a warm marshmallow and spit it out. Disgusting. Just give him the bag.

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7 Comments on “Whidbey Island”

  1. Loreen G

    I’m amazed you are so close to us! I’ve been following your adventures around the world & it doesn’t seem possible you are here right now. Whidbey is a wonderful place to poke around. Enjoy & safe travels.

  2. Trent

    You and Ali have two beautiful angels, gifts from
    god, make no mistake about that! Beautiful pictures.

    Have fun!

  3. Wheelingit

    We’ve been Bum followers forever and it’s been interesting to see you at exactly the same stops we’ve had, just a few days later. We spent last week in Pt. Townsend, the past few days in Whidbey. We’re off to Orcas next, but figure our paths might split then. If you end up in Orcas we’ll be working at the learning center on Mt.Constitution and would be happy to entertain the kids up there with what we hope (by then) will be our amazing knowledge of the area 🙂


  4. baron

    whoa. i never would have figured you for the burning money type. i caught myself asking a simple question when i bought my first and last bundle of wood.

    “what would pat do?”

    i guess pat lights his fires with benjamins.

  5. mary lou chandler

    In the picture taken from the ferry looking at Mt Baker my house is right up from the ferry landing just into the trees. You PAID for wood? Damn, we just sneak it off the beach!

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