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Whidbey Island Fair

Today was the start of the 90th annual Whidbey Island Fair, which sounds pretty grand until you mention it to a few islanders and they stare back at you quizzically. Nobody we talked to seemed to have ever heard of the fair, which was a little disconcerting considering we hung around a couple extra days just to take the kids to it.

Well there was nothing to worry about. The Whidbey Island Fair was everything a small fair should be. The day started out with a pie eating contest. My kids didn’t eat quite as enthusiastically as the older boys in attendance, but they devoured their whipped cream pies quick enough to earn themselves a small prize. We zigged and zagged through all of the animal barns, ate hot dogs, popcorn, and ice cream, rode ponies, wandered through barns full of country arts and crafts, and then we hit the rides.

Ouest had never gone on the roller coaster before and was a little nervous while she waited in line. But the second that ride took off a smile came across her face that didn’t leave for ten minutes. Afterwards Lowe wanted in on the action. He was a little short to go on the ride—fortunately carnies are about as strict with rules as Mexican immigration officials. The look on their faces as they zipped around that ride was priceless. It brings a smile to my face hours later just thinking about it.

The fair was a grand success. One of those days as parents that you look back on that night and think, “Wow, that went way better than I expected it to.”

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All parents need to learn the hard way that the giant slide is not made for us.

July31 14

It’s made for them.

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Yes, even Molly the Dolly got to ride along.

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They had to stop the ride to let this poor kid off. I love the contrast.

July31 27

I like this picture below because of the way they are both biting their bottom lip. Slightly nervous anticipation, perhaps?

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    Kerry Mettert Reply

    Looks like everyone had a grand time. I also love the contrast between your kids and the one that had to be let off the roller coaster. Priceless! Nothing beats a good fair.

  2. avatar
    Rik Reply

    The smiles say it all. Really glad to get your pics of Whidbey Island. My son and his wife are heading there in a couple of weeks, reporting for duty at the naval air station.

  3. avatar
    Lance Flake Reply

    Wife and kids are headed to Whidbey as I type this and I follow on Monday. Great little community and looking forward to being stationed there again.

  4. avatar
    Kristy Reply

    Who can’t help but smile looking at those pics. So cute!

  5. avatar
    Stevie Reply

    OH god. I’m guilty of schadenfreude, the fancy way of saying I just derived so much pleasure from the look of total horror on that kid’s face. Hilarious. I’m still laughing. Poor little bugger. I can’t believe how much his pant-shitting terror amuses me. I feel bad but then it’s hard to when I can’t stop laughing. Thanks for posting. I’m glad your kids had fun. Go Ouest and Lowe!

    • avatar
      Danno Reply

      Took me five minutes to stop laughing at the coaster picture and another five minutes after reading Stevie’s post…”pant-shitting terror”….too funny!!!!

      Thanks for the laugh!


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    Emily Reply

    I so love the photos of Ouest and Lowe on the roller coaster. Not surprisingly you’ve raised some courageous kids. And SO cute in their nearly identical facial expressions. Definite siblings!

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      Darryl Reply

      I agree. The proof is in the pictures.

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    Larry Reply

    Looks like even Quest’s baby doll had a good ride on the roller coaster.

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    Jeanne Reply

    What a great fair! Your photos really capture the joy of being a kid.

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    Fran Abel Reply

    I so wish I’d seen you at the fair, which for years and years has been the Island County Fair. Us locals have been resisting the name change which is probably why you got the blank stares when you
    asked about the Whidbey Fair. I have been reading your blog for the past week, and ordered your book, so to know you are in my home town, Langley, is fun. Welcome to Whidbey!

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    David Bogan Reply

    LOVE the pics. You have an eye for IT!

  11. avatar
    judith Reply

    You guys are raising some adventurous kids. I love the way Ouest takes care of that baby doll. “Get in my shirt and hang on!”

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    Mark and Cindy - s/v Cream Puff Reply

    Oh, to be young again.

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

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    Jane T Reply

    Looks like the kids had a great time…that’s what it’s all about!:)