On Ice


Ice skating again. Ouest has really taken off. She’s into trying to do tricks now—spins and such. Lowe is getting better too. He’s running on his skates now, but still doesn’t quite have the balance down. He’s up for about thirty minutes on the ice before he’s ready to chill … Read More

Brake Break


From Rockaway it was just a short hop back to Portland. Another Grammy visit. The bus brakes have gotten steadily worse the past month, so it was finally time to address them and get a full brake job done. Through some contacts we ended up at a shop just down … Read More

Rockaway Beach


After leaving the kite festival we made a quick overnight stop in Astoria, hung out with friends there, and then zipped down the Oregon coast a little way to Rockaway Beach. We hung out there for a few days with friends at their family cabin, with a small lake out … Read More

Kite Festival


Looking at the map one day I spotted in little red letters, Kite Museum. That sounded good enough to make it a destination for the kids. We happened to have internet that night so I looked it up and the website said that they hosted a big international kite festival every … Read More

Grays Harbor


Down along the coast we moved slowly through small towns, getting groceries in markets with one aisle. In Quinalt we stopped in at the lodge—a gorgeous building built with grounds that immediately had Ali and I both thinking of the movie Dirty Dancing. We camped down around the corner where the kids … Read More

Lowe’s Third


Lowe’s third birthday began with wet gray skies, and ended the same. None of which affected the party itself. The morning started off with balloon mayhem, as usual, moved on to Play-Doh for a while, and then the cupcakes came out. That’s when we discovered that Lowe has no idea … Read More

Kalaloch South Beach


In the continental U.S. you can’t get any further NW than Cape Flattery. And I love driving to the end of the road, so that’s where we headed. We stayed in Neah Bay where a few surfers were braving the cold to catch some knee-highs and everyone else seemed to … Read More

Olympic Peninsula


We bummed around Port Townsend a little bit in the morning, visiting a playground up on top of the hill in the area called Uptown. Seems like everyone with money a hundred years ago lived up here while the sailors coming through did their drinking down below in town. Lots … Read More

Fort Worden


We crossed back over to Port Townsend again yesterday. We hung around town for a while, had something to eat, looked around the shops, and then noticed an RV park right on the water next to the marina. Since we were right there we popped in and found that yet … Read More

North and South


The day after the fair we started moving further north. We sort of felt that since we were so close to the border we may as well go up and visit it before turning south again. It kind of makes things feel complete. First stop was just up the road … Read More