“Is it happy daytime yet?” Those are the first words out of Ouest’s mouth every morning. Sweetness. We left San Felipe and made haste for the west side of Baja—Ensenada to be exact. The drive across was really nice, with gorgeous views, smoothish roads, and no other cars. We had … Read More

San Felipe


We couldn’t hit the road again without taking out a pedal boat. Almost immediately upon setting out the wind came barreling in. It took me half an hour to make back the hundred yards we’d given up. The campground even sent one of their employees over on his four-wheeler to … Read More

Baja At Last


We crossed the border this morning and I immediately felt fifty pounds lighter. I don’t know exactly what it is about being here—Ali asked me, and I tried to explain, but at the end she said, “Jesus, you better not say that to anybody else.” So I won’t. I’ll just … Read More

Revolución in Mexicali


We’ve sort of gotten stuck here in El Centro, California, the past few days. Ali needed a root canal and crown to repair a broken tooth, which ended up taking four appointments over the course of a week. On the first day we all went across the border together and … Read More



We decided not to cross at Tijuana and instead head east to the Mexicali border crossing. We are planning to head down to San Felipe and then backtrack over to the Pacific side of Baja. Anyway, that means we have found ourselves in El Centro, famous for being the largest … Read More

Wrapping Things Up


It’s been nearly eleven months since we flew back into the States. That’s enough for now. We are definitely ready to get south of the border again. The past few days have felt a lot like boat life—getting ready for a passage. I spent two days getting the bus up … Read More

San Diego


I have to say that San Diego has quickly grown on me. We aren’t much into big cities these days, but this place really seems to find a pretty good balance. We’re staying in the Mission Beach area, a nice stretch of beach with miles of pedestrian fun along the … Read More

First Ride – Mission Beach


Grammy was able to make a last minute run to see the kids before we all disappear south of the border—where bandidos lurk behind every boulder. The kids were ecstatic. There is always quite a build up before her visits. “How many more days ’til Grammy gets here? Show me with … Read More

Day of the Dead


We drove over to San Diego’s Old Town for the Day of the Dead festivities. There were plenty of people to watch, and faces to be painted, but for some reason there wasn’t a single street food vendor to be found and the music seemed to be on break more … Read More



We spent a night in Indio before traveling south along the Salton Sea. There isn’t much happening out there, that’s for sure. It was a nice drive, beautiful in its starkness. When we turned west the desert enveloped us, and for miles and miles all we saw was perfectly groomed … Read More