Ferry to Mazatlan


“What are you going to do about school?” The number one most asked question of us by complete strangers. It just nudges out the money question for the top spot. I guess in the same way that people assumed that having kids would be the end of our lifestyle, they … Read More

La Paz


So apparently this happened during our rock crawling the other day. We then drove a hundred miles on it before discovering it in La Paz. I went to a nearby llantera (tire repair shop), showed the owner, Pancho, some pictures of the vehicle, and he invited me to jump in … Read More

Baja Humbug


Christmas. We’ve never been ones to do much of anything regarding the day. But kids, they learn about this stuff one way or another, and so this year we invited Santa Claus for a visit. A few days before Ouest had frantically blurted out, “I forgot to send Santa my … Read More

Todos Santos


Todos Santos, where gringo Baja dreams come to roost. People either seem to love this place so much that they immediately plop down a deposit on a plot of land north of town, or they leave scratching their heads wondering what all the fuss is about. We’re somewhere in the … Read More

Los Frailes


We hung out at Los Frailes for a couple of days. Lowe wanted to be Princessa Rainbow. If you’ve got a problem with that he has no problem with throwing a handful of sand in your face. This well brought on one of those “teachable” moments that we seem to … Read More

Los Barriles


From La Ventana we made the short drive to Los Barriles. In the end, we’re not really sure why. This place is just not our scene. It’s a kiteboarding mecca, which means lots and lots of two things: wind, and gringos. I’m probably being supercilious, but for me, any town in which … Read More

La Ventana


With a couple of weeks left to bumble about Baja before we hit the ferry for the mainland, we left to try out a place we’ve never visited before—La Ventana. Kiteboard capital of Baja, I believe. I checked it out on Google Earth the night before and found a picture … Read More

La Paz Beaches


Playa Tecolote is at the end of the road through La Paz. A collection of very small, very rickety restaurants, and a half mile of dunes and raw beach where anybody is free to pull up and stay as long as they like. When we were here in the past … Read More

Five Years


Ouest turned five today. She has been looking forward to this birthday for months and months. Eventually we had to put up a calendar and let her cross off the days as they ticked by. Part of her excitement no doubt came from us telling her that we didn’t want … Read More

Loreto to La Paz


We spent a few days in Loreto where I had big plans to hit up El Rey’s fish taco restaurant. Awesome fish tacos that I always look forward to, and yet somehow I didn’t manage a single one on this trip. First we were too late, then it was Sunday, … Read More

Beaches and Towns


We stopped off in the town of Mulegé for a few hours to buy some fresh food and fill up the water tanks. From there it was just a short drive further on to Bahia Concepción. There we were able to park fifteen feet from the water on any one of … Read More