Mazatlan Days


The past few days I’ve been working on some things in the morning while Ali takes the kids on excursions, or just hangs out at home. In the afternoons we tend to just hang out at the bus playing mud coffee, or lock Papa up in jail, or coloring, or … Read More

Young and Old


As far as RV parks go, this one is pretty good. Right smack dab on the beach, but also right on the main road through town so the bus can zip us out of this area and down to the Old Town area in just a few minutes. Best of … Read More

Death Spots


I went to the doctor yesterday. Dermatologists are doctors, right? She¬†pulled on her special x-ray goggles, looked at me, and asked without a hint of sarcasm, “Do you spend a lot of time in the sun?” “Umm, define a lot.” Yeah, I think it’s fair to say I spend a … Read More

Routine Days


It’s been a pretty quiet few days around here. We usually get out and do something in the morning, then hang around the bus in the afternoon before playing on the beach and swimming before dinnertime. The beach around here was slammed by a couple of hurricanes this summer, and … Read More



A shark, Buzz Lightyear, Bob the Builder, and a cow walk into a bar… Bird feeder. Finally got that flat tire taken care of. Back in the States Travco owners go to all sorts of crazy lengths to replace the original wheels on these things. They are two-piece rims, and … Read More

Neue Freunde


A couple of days ago a German family came rolling in and parked up next to us. Out of their VW rolled a girl and a boy, each just a few months younger than our own. This friendship did not take long to blossom. She was totally focused on picking … Read More

Mazatlan Tour Guides


This is the third or fourth time Ali’s parents have visited us in Mazatlan. On this visit Ali and I realized just how much this place feels like a hometown to us now. We have at least a dozen restaurants that we like. We’ve got the market for all our … Read More



Ali’s parents are in town for a few days and the kids are quite excited about it. Today we took them on the circuit. We started out with breakfast in the Olas Altas neighborhood, then walked around Old Town, fed the pigeons, and made our way back out to the … Read More



Tonight I was sitting on the couch, leaning back against the driver’s seat while Ali stood at the sink doing dishes, Ouest laid on the floor in the hallway playing, and Lowe scampered down off of his bed yelling, “Pee!” as he scrambled for the bathroom door. This simple scene … Read More



So we’re settled here in Mazatlan for January. Yes, we’re hunkering down for an entire month somewhere. It feels strange to have wheels and a full tank of gas but not be going anywhere. It’s not something we’re very accustomed to doing. And actually I’m not sure we would be … Read More