It’s Finally Flower Girl Day

We’re here for a wedding. February. Minnesota. Seriously. News of Ali’s sister Katy’s impending nuptials first reached us about six months ago. Since then not a day has gone by that we didn’t discuss it. Ouest was due to be the flower girl and Lowe to be the boy with … Read More

Barn Find

Look what I found in an old pole barn today. Amazing that people have these sweet cars and just let them sit in a barn, isn’t it? Actually, this is our one and only possession in the world that we have no intention of ever parting with. When we drove from … Read More


Lowe puked on Thursday. I followed suit on Sunday. And seven days after Lowe, Ouest let loose all over my dad’s kitchen floor. This, as far as I’m concerned, is Minnesota in winter. The place is hell—froze over. In the past two weeks we’ve spent less than an hour outdoors, … Read More

Barroom Brawl

This particular tooth will not be missed. Ouest first smashed that tooth at age two, and it wouldn’t catch a break the rest of its life in that mouth, hitting pavement at least two more times. The last time left it sticking out at weird angles and required a trip … Read More

Minnesota in February

We thought a vacation to somewhere beautiful like St. Paul, Minnesota would be a wonderful way to escape the dreary Mexican winter weather. Oh, and Ali’s sister is also getting married. So, those are the two reasons we’re in Minnesota in February. Again. Before we left we did a little … Read More

Around Maz

No job around the bus gets done without the “help” of small hands. Lowe is helping me stand on a ladder here. It’s beautiful Mazatlan weather, so clothing is pretty much optional as a general rule. She’s got four loose teeth at the moment. The two top fronts appear to … Read More