New Canada


There are a ton of Canadians in Mexico. Like ten to one versus Americans, it seems. And Quebec—what is the deal with Quebec? Does that whole province just get to leave for six months of the year? The population there must drop by half in the winter. The Americans down … Read More

Sayulita Life


We’ve very easily slipped into a routine here in Sayulita. In the morning, still in pajamas, we wander out to the beach where the kids play and explore before breakfast. After eating we walk around town a bit, ride bikes, and hang out at the playground. Home for the kids’ … Read More

Reconsidering Sayulita


We spent a day hanging out in Punta Mita with my mom. That’s always a fun little spot to spend an afternoon. Lots of beachfront restaurants, small waves, boats at anchor, and the mountains as a backdrop to it all. Our days spent there never disappoint. The day Grammy left … Read More



A co-founder of Cirque du Soleil lives here in San Pancho and took it upon himself to do something pretty amazing—he started up a circus for the local kids. By that I mean that he started a school to teach kids how to do all of the incredible stunts that they … Read More

San Pancho


Grammy made it to town with dog in tow. We all hung out in San Pancho (San Francisco) today. The town is only five miles up the road from Sayulita, but is another world entirely. It’s pretty plain to see that once Sayulita is completely overrun it will spread out … Read More

Our Towns


My mom was supposed to arrive for a visit yesterday, but while at the airport she found out her passport was expired. No go. After I got her message Ali said to me, “We went with her when she got her passport renewed right before Ouest was born. How can … Read More

San Blas Bugs


We burned some gas yesterday, for the first time since New Year’s Eve. Mazatlan has really begun to feel like a home base to us over the past couple of years—becoming one of the few places we can spend more than a week at a time in without becoming anxious. … Read More

From Snow to Sand


From sledding to sand in just a few hours. There isn’t much to like about flying any more, but bailing out of Minnesota and being thousands of miles south in one non-stop shot is worthy of some praise. I’d still rather drive it, but sometimes even I have to take … Read More

Snow Jumping


For an hour, being outdoors in Minnesota was fun. I took the kids sledding while Ali stayed behind. Ali isn’t the most safety conscious mother out there, but she is certainly a lot quicker to say be careful than I am. So when the kids went from halfway up the hill, … Read More