Volcán de Colima


From Cuyutlan we decided it was as good a time as any to turn inland, get away from the heat, and see some of the cities and ruins of the central highlands. Not too far up the road is the Volcán de Colima. An active volcano that is constantly burping … Read More


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We moved south to the tiny town of Cuyutlan, where some Bum friends and fellow Travco owners have recently opened up Coconutz RV Park right on the beach. We spent a few very quiet days there hanging out in the shady plaza and walking up the very large malecon where the … Read More

Monkey Visit


We hung out at Boca Beach a bit longer, enjoying the beauty of the palms, and then headed south a few more miles to Melaque. Melaque and Barra de Navidad are on opposite ends of a beach a couple of miles long. Barra is a little more cobble-stone scenic, but … Read More



After a night in Punta Perula on Chamela Bay, we continued southward. We stopped for the day in Tenacatita, or actually just down the road around the bay from Tenacatita. We had Ouest’s second birthday in this bay. It’s a nice campground, right on the water, with hundreds and hundreds … Read More

Out of Gas


We left PV early this morning, eager to put a few miles under the wheels before the sun started beating down on us. We didn’t get far. About a mile down the road the engine sputtered for a few seconds. Hmmm? Out of gas? Can’t be, we’ve only gone 175 … Read More

Reminiscing in Puerto Vallarta


Just like with boats, RVs don’t fare well when left sitting. We spent two full months in Mazatlan and the day we left I started the engine and discovered that the rear main seal was leaking again. That’s the one that leaves a puddle of oil on the ground after … Read More

Toothless Grin


It’s been a weird tiring week with Lowe sick, then better, then sick, then tired, then hungry, then not hungry, then better. Today he is finally better. We think. We’ll see tomorrow. We popped into Sayulita on a whim because some friends were in town. We thought we’d stay a … Read More

Semana Santa


Semana Santa—Holy Week—is the big Spring Break-type beach party weekend for Mexico. There was a slow buildup throughout the week, but Thursday is when the flood came, and the partying kicked into full gear. I say it is like their Spring Break, but it’s really not like a bunch of American … Read More

The Easter Buildup


It’s was kind of funny watching all of the gringos pack up and leave in just the last couple of days. RVs loaded up en masse and hit the road, determined to get completely out of Mexico before the Easter holiday hit. I say it was kind of funny, but … Read More