South to Oaxaca


We spent another morning walking around Puebla before packing up and heading back to the bus. We thought Puebla was a nice city, but was lacking something for us. Pizzazz? I don’t know. Some places just do it for us and others don’t. We’ll miss that railroad museum, though. Fingernail … Read More

A Puebla Walk


Today was one of our typical days exploring a new city. We had breakfast and then just started walking, stopping in different plazas, grabbing food here and there, and checking out a few of the guidebook sites. We walked by the Serdán’s house, where the first shots of the Mexican … Read More



Puebla is right down the road from the campground in Cholula, but we decided to grab a hotel room for a couple of nights anyway. We’re finding that it’s really the best way for us to explore a city properly, and with nice rooms going for good prices it’s a … Read More



When you see a sign like this greeting you to a campground your expectations are pretty low. However, this place, despite its flaws, isn’t nearly as terrible as expected. We’re all alone, as has become the norm the past couple of months. It’s really amazing how complete the RV crowd … Read More



There is an old school style amusement park in the city, and who doesn’t love an amusement park. The kids had fun, and with an all-you-can-ride-pass for only seven bucks we weren’t complaining either. The only problem with the place is that the parking lot and surrounding roads were all closed—even … Read More

The Zócalo


This is the first time we’ve ever seen the Zócalo empty. Every other time we’ve been here there has been some huge installation. It’s nice when it is like this, with people going in every direction, clear views of all the buildings surrounding it, and the huge Mexican flag flying … Read More



We hung out for a bit in the Condesa and Roma neighborhoods. They’re nice enough, but left us feeling a bit like we could be anywhere from Minneapolis, to Buenos Aires, to Portland. Lots of cafés, and lots of nicely dressed people. Oh, and lots and lots of dogs wearing … Read More

Ciudad de México


From the top of the Torre Latinoamerican. The view doesn’t stretch very far thanks to the smog. Mexico City has a ton of hardcore driving restrictions in place to try and alleviate some of the congestion and smog, but from what we can see it isn’t doing much good, it … Read More

Mexico City


We left the bus in Teotihuacán and hopped a bus into a quiet little place called Ciudad de México. A little over twenty million people call Mexico City home and it is one of our favorite capital cities anywhere. Again, we’ve been excited to show the kids around. The first day we … Read More



We made it through election weekend, despite the hardships placed on us by the Mexican government—namely, they wouldn’t allow any restaurants or stores to sell us beer. We tried to explain to the waiter at the restaurant we visited—the one with the entire back room dedicated to a playground—that it … Read More

A Big Rock


We hung out in Queretaro a couple of days longer than we would have expected. The city is not great, but it’s not half-bad either. The campground was really nothing more than a parking space at the Hotel Flamingo with our door opening up on the one stretch of lawn … Read More