I mentioned new cameras in the last post. What we got is the Fujifilm X100T. We’re still learning how to set it up and use it, but first impression is that it is exactly what we (or at least I) was looking for. Which is to say that we’ve now … Read More

Family Fix in MN


Back in the States doing normal in-the-states things. Like, I took a picture of a bee on a walk through a nature park. Because, well, nature. Spent a mid-August day with my dad and his wife, bundled up against the cold. We were too wimpy to take the kids out … Read More



Who wouldn’t be happy to be at Grandma and Grandpa’s house? Recently Ouest decided she wanted earrings. I admit, I was in no hurry. I know in Mexico, and in the States too, that it isn’t uncommon to get a girl’s ears pierced practically the day they are born, but … Read More

Mexico DF


Another day hanging out in Mexico City. There is so much to see and do here.

Around the City


Reforma Avenue is closed off to traffic on Sundays, turning the insanely busy road into a pedestrian path where it is finally safe to go view some of the cities most well known monuments. Ouest has been wanting to see El Ángel for awhile. It was pretty from the street, … Read More


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Time to go. Back to the States for a few weeks, leaving the bus behind. The kids made a bunch of new friends that they got to play with for a few days while we tore the bus apart, fixed a few things, and cleaned every inch. We left it … Read More

Pyramids of Teotihuacan


Last time we were here we thought how much better it would be to arrive first thing in the morning. With our kids, getting up early is not a problem (though either is going to bed early), so we were out the door at seven-thirty to watch the ruins of … Read More

Retracing Our Path


Tie a plastic bin to a skateboard, insert child, and run through a grassy field—what could go wrong? Things got a little gnarly at sunset. Cholula was just a one night stop on our way back to Teotihuacan near Mexico City. We’re flying back to the States for a family … Read More

Caves and Mountains


We left Taxco and drove to the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park—a bunch of really big caves. One of the largest cave systems in the world according to the literature. Every hour a guide takes a bunch of people for a stroll along a path through the caves that a full-size SUV … Read More

Around Taxco


There isn’t a ton to do in Taxco other than walk around and soak in the atmosphere and the views. It’s an old silver mining town turned silversmithing town, so nearly every business is selling silver earrings and every street hawker is selling silver bracelets. We are decidedly not in … Read More



From Cuernavaca we traveled south to the ruins of Xochicalco. This place was as big and impressive as many sites we’ve visited, but there was almost nobody there. When we arrived there was one other couple roaming the grounds. Pyramids, ball courts, temples, and 1300 year-old history were all good. … Read More



After our little debacle in Acapulco we were looking forward to getting to Cuernavaca. Visiting Acapulco would have to wait for winter, for now we needed to get back inland. We got to town and started looking for the campground. We followed our directions but couldn’t see any sign of … Read More