I was born to a sixteen-year-old girl—she’d turn seventeen in the hospital two days after giving birth. She was smart, pretty, from a decent family that loved their kids, and completely unprepared to be a teen mother. She’d known from the start that she couldn’t keep me. She had managed … Read More

The Portland Routine


Our Portland routine rarely changes very much. We hang out around the house a lot, playing with new toys and digging out old ones. We visit the park across the street daily. We spend time cleaning whatever old vehicle we have around at the time. We hit the ice rink on … Read More

Portland—End of the Road


Two-thousand four-hundred and seventy-five miles down the road from St. Paul, Minnesota, is a little place called Portland, Oregon. When we woke up in Pendleton today everyone was ready to get there and see Grammy. We bombed through the Columbia Gorge to get there. The road trip was excellent. Our … Read More

Lowe’s Lens


The road trip through Lowe’s eyes. Lowe took 450 pictures on the trip. What I realized when going through them was: One, he is shutter happy. Two, he spent a lot of time looking at the back of my head. Three, that three feet off the ground makes for a … Read More

Ouest’s Lens


The road trip through Ouest’s eyes. I think Ouest did a good job of showing what it’s like to view the world from the backseat. It’s a far different perspective than we adults get looking through the giant lens of a windshield. I did notice in Ouest’s pictures that there … Read More



We stopped off at a small state park, and a number of small towns on our way to Pendleton. Nothing exciting. No great sites. Just a little driving broken up with playgrounds and walks in the park. Pendleton in the evening.

Ontario… Oregon


We’re getting on near the two week mark and the pace has certainly begun to pick up. Two weeks is enough time in hotel rooms. We’re ready to get to Grammy’s and eat some home cooking again. At least Ali and I are. The kids haven’t said a word. They … Read More

Average Cruising Speed


It was a beautiful, but freezing morning in West Yellowstone when we drove off. We pretty much put a 150 mile or so max on our days. Any more than that and we don’t enjoy ourselves. Thanks to a lot of rewards points we’re also hopping across the States from … Read More



First off, just let me say, Yellowstone is no place to see in one day. It’s ridiculous, really. But when on a cross-country drive, having Yellowstone fall in between Point A and Point B works out okay. Our day in Yellowstone left me feeling a little dirty, like the worst … Read More

Cowboy Country


After a night in Buffalo we continued west into the Bighorn Mountains. Gorgeous. The absolute best time of year with the crisp air, bright fall colors, and blue skies. We crossed over a pass at just about 10,000 feet but really had no idea we had been climbing so far, … Read More

Devil’s Tower


Into Wyoming we go. Eighth largest state, and also the least populous. Also a place where entire towns are for sale. This one looks promising. From about fifteen miles out Devil’s Tower starts to appear around bends in the road. The horses came sauntering in about five minutes late. And went … Read More

Crazy Horse


We spent the night in Hill City, and after a quick breakfast zipped down the road a few miles to the Crazy Horse monument. We hadn’t been expecting too much. You can see it from the road, and it’s cool and all, but, well… Well, we went in, and the … Read More