Days Slide By


Shredding waves daily. Ouest is currently our only surfer, but I think Lowe is going to come around here soon. I have to remind myself sometimes that he is a lot younger than her, despite the fact that he runs around with her all day trying to do whatever she … Read More

Revolution Day


Revolution Day is a fun holiday in Mexico. A lot of people dress up in the typical garb of the early 1900s, and everyone comes out to celebrate. We drove down to Puerto Vallarta for the day to go to the parade, where thousands of locals lined the streets for … Read More

This is a kids’ life


Down here, I love how much our kids get to be kids. They’re free to roam, they can walk over to a friend’s house/bungalow/tent/rv and yell out for them. They can hang out on the beach together. They can get soccer games going. Whatever. It all just feels very old … Read More

Sayulita Days


So this is pretty much what we’re up to these days. It didn’t take us long to slip into a routine. The kids wake up and wander out of the bus to play around the campground and have breakfast. After that we are off to the beach with boards, umbrellas, … Read More

Sayulita Tortugas


This is kind of random, but I just loaded pictures off of Lowe’s camera. Here’s what he saw this month. And now, back to Sayulita. This town is one of those places that a lot of our Bum friends seem to visit. Therefore we find ourselves with a pretty busy … Read More

La Vida


We’re back in Sayulita, and staying put for at least a few weeks. Feels good sometimes to know we’re not moving—that we can just spread out and let the days happen. Our days here start with a ton of energy and end with tired muscles and eyes that can’t stay open. It’s … Read More

Day of the Dead


This picture pretty much sums up the difference in energy levels between us. Home. Somehow we got it in our heads that there was a parade at 11:30 starting at the big cemetery in town. We arrived and found that wasn’t the case at all. And in retrospect, the idea … Read More