Surf and Mutts

The waves have been all over the place lately. Too big and sloppy one day, too small the next. We still manage to catch some on the big days, but it’s a ton more work for me pushing Ouest out through the constant rush of white water and the rips. … Read More

Christmas 2015

Ouest received an unexpected invitation the other day to play the Virgin Mary in some sort of production—an invitation she eagerly accepted, despite having no idea who the Virgin Mary is, or what the play might entail. Ali and I are always amazed at her moxy. Ali says when she … Read More

Christmas Birthday

Today was Ali’s birthday. It was also the day that we would bring in Brownie, our favorite beach dog, to get spayed. That might not seem like a nice birthday gift, but for an animal lover like Ali it was perfect. We had an appointment at nine, but she is … Read More


This is what happens when we rent a car—it immediately becomes a fort/playground/taxi. You don’t see Christmas trees down here, so you make do with what they do have. Six bucks for a coconut tree. Done. Now the kids can decorate, and I can stop hearing about it. It occurred … Read More


Well, it’s about that time, isn’t it? You can see by the pictures that Ouest was pretty excited about meeting Santa this year. Lowe? Not so much. He said he would do it if he could just sit next to him. So what is the first thing Santa does? Grabs … Read More

Six Years Old

Six years. Like all parents, I’m constantly surprised by the years ticking by. Ouest is a big girl. She’s tall, she’s smart, she’s sweet. At six I think she is still more innocent than any child her age I’ve ever known. Today she came up to me looking upset. “Tango … Read More

Almost a Birthday

We’d had two days of rain—which is pretty crazy around here in winter, and without a hurricane nearby—and weren’t sure if we could trust the weather forecast for Ouest’s birthday, so we pushed it back a day. I love that our now six-year-old daughter is so carefree about a change … Read More

Sayulita Grammy

Dogs, cats, and kids. Not much new around Sayulita. Spotted this and realized I’ve now reached the pinnacle of success. Van camper? Check. Surfboard? Check. Shampoo bottle on the windshield wiper? Check. Live on the Margin on the dashboard? Check yeah. As parents we are willing to overlook mediocre food if … Read More

Béisbol and more

It’s been a few weeks since I downloaded Ouest’s pictures off her camera. I need to talk to her about this picture. She took this from a treehouse at our campground in Teotihuacan. She was explicitly instructed to avoid this particular hole in the patio. She swore she would. I … Read More

Sayulita Style

Someone is getting far too comfortable with us. When we’re out on the beach in the afternoon Lowe likes to eat fish-on-a-stick. Local sellers walk up and down the beach with fish and shrimp kabobs, and Lowe has taken a particular liking to it. But he also likes to save … Read More


El Dia de Guadalupe is coming up, and for the next week we get the pleasure of being woken at five o’clock each morning by the sounds of bombs going off on the beach. I call them bombs, the Mexicans probably just call them fireworks. Owning or detonating one of … Read More

We’re Starting a Band

Hurricane something-or-other came past us the other day, and with it came three solid days of rain. Non-stop drizzle. Literally, non-stop. Beach sand on dry days is fine—it comes off with a swipe. Beach sand on rainy days is another story, and therefore coming in the house at all during … Read More