A Pretty Bad Day

What a day. It started off innocently enough. We spent the morning on the beach and then hopped in the bus for a quick 40 mile drive to San Blas. About a mile from San Blas the engine started making a weird ticking noise. I thought maybe it was a … Read More

Saying Goodbye

Brownie #2 got out of surgery and spent the next couple of days hanging out with us. She still had “the scent” on her, so our job became keeping the boys of the neighborhood off of her while she healed up. We spent a night with Xochitl, and her parents … Read More

The Rhythm of Sayulita

We got home from our little mountain road trip, and we were happy to once again be in the sun with bare feet. Whenever we’re away it is amazing just how much we all miss our own home, and our own beds. Or maybe it’s not so amazing at all. … Read More

The Lava Church

A few months back Ali and I tried to take the kids on a bus from Patzcuaro to Angahuan to see the San Juan Parangaricutiro Church. Not even ten miles down the road they were both sweating bullets and about to puke, so we jumped off the bus and caught … Read More

Town Plazas

After the butterflies we spent a night on the outskirts of Morelia, then headed out early to spend the afternoon in nearby Patzcuaro, one of our favorite towns in central Mexico. Ali’s poncho circa 1977. One of the biggest reasons for stopping in Patzcuaro is for the Pasta Ice Cream. … Read More


Mariposas. Monarchs, to be exact. Millions of them flock to the mountains here every year to have sex and die. Eight years ago Ali and I visited one of the Monarch Sanctuaries, and it was one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. It was also quite an adventurous day. We … Read More


Today was just a walking around town sort of day. We wandered the plazas, visited a museum, and took a carriage ride. It’s winter in the mountains. Scarfs, gloves, poofy jackets, they are all on display right now. You’d think it was twenty-five degrees, not seventy. Nothing says luxury like … Read More

Road Trip

Seems kind of silly, being that we live in a motorhome, but we’re off on a road trip in a rental car. We’re headed for the mountains this week—a drive we’ve made multiple times in the past. A drive with a lot of brutal mountains to climb and descend, and … Read More

Mexico Mailman

Today I had one of those “only in Mexico” moments. There is a small mailbox on the side of a building at the entrance of town. Before we put a few postcards in there back in November I asked the lady working at the mobile phone shop next door if … Read More

Family Fun

We rang in the New Year much the way we said goodbye to the old, chillin’ in Sayulita—barefoot and pants free. Part of being a good parent is letting your kids make their own mistakes. Who am I to say he’s going to regret these tattoos when he gets older? … Read More

Another Adventurous Year Ahead

Our time in Sayulita is slowly drawing to a close. New year, new places, new adventures to be had. But not right away. We’ve still got a few familiar old haunts to visit. We’re all starting to feel that pull though. Actually, Lowe has been asking for weeks, “When are … Read More