Antelope Canyon

As per our usual style, we just rolled on up to the parking lot and expected to get off the bus and walk right in for a tour of famous Antelope Canyon. That’s apparently not how it happens around here. There were long lines, and the tours were booked up for … Read More

Horseshoe Bend

Six-thousand years of erosion—give or take—and you get what has to be one of the most beautiful views in the world. What a wondrous planet. Horseshoe Bend is amazing, and made even better by whoever is in charge of the place not limiting it by throwing up fences and sidewalks. It’s … Read More


Sunset Crater National Park was right up the road a bit from Flagstaff. Nice place to walk around, and of course, to earn more Junior Ranger badges. I need to go through the kids’ cameras and put together another post. They’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately. Fairy houses. … Read More

Grand Falls

Grand Falls is about 30 minutes out of Flagstaff on Indian land. There are no road signs at all along the dirt roads out there, and no railings along the canyon wall when you get there. And it’s taller than Niagara Falls. Awesome. It’s been dry and cold, so there … Read More

Parks and Recreation

Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Red Rock State Park, and Montezuma Castle National Monument. And there must be at least another dozen places within thirty miles that we didn’t get out and explore. You’ve got to love the Junior Ranger program. Instead of just wandering aimlessly around a park for … Read More

Camping Sedona

Just a few miles south of Sedona is a dirt road that goes on for miles with little camping nooks all over it. We drove in about five miles down the washboard road and found a nice spot with killer views of the red rocks the area is famous for. … Read More

Bouncing Around AZ

We’ve been bouncing around for a few days. All the state parks and national parks are full up, most of the private campgrounds too, which leaves us searching for boondocking sites. It’s fine, but we then find ourselves every couple of days searching around again for a new spot. We can’t … Read More

Southern Arizona

We’ve spent the past few days slowly making our way north. We spent some time in the Saguaro National Park, where the kids did some homework and picked up a couple of Junior Ranger badges. This was Lowe’s first, as he was always too young before. Ouest has even more … Read More

Arizona Boondocking

Hiking and boondocking are the order of the day around here. Lowe single-handedly lowered the peak by three feet. Okay, Coppers, just try and stop us now. So long, BUMFZLE. We picked up the new plates from friends in Bisbee, but the campground was full up, so we missed out … Read More

Around Tombstone

We spent a couple days in Tombstone doing tourist things. We visited the Boothill Graveyard, watched a shoot out, and even took in a trolley tour. It’s hard to get more touristy than that. Kind of hard to look tough in those shoes. My little girl needs a new pair … Read More

Attitude Adjustment

After narrowly avoiding getting locked up in the State Pen, we spent the next morning at the Patagonia library where a wonderfully typical white-haired bespectacled grandmother helped us with printers and copiers while the kids flipped through books. I love small town public libraries. They are something that we in … Read More

The Welcome Wagon

What a day. We left our last Mexican campground early this morning. So far so good. About an hour later we found we had a flat tire. An inside rear tire. Not a big deal, but it would be way easier to get it fixed in Mexico so we quickly … Read More