MN Miscellany


We’re here working on the truck, and just going about normal Minnesota summer life. I found a rubber worm and was able to get a good scream out of the kids with it. We were wandering around downtown North St. Paul, and popped into a junk/antique store where Lowe found these … Read More

Truck and Twins


Minnesota Twins

Overheated driving down the highway today. I’ve been bragging about how much cooler the engine has been running since I did all this engine work, so this caught me a little by surprise. I was stuck on the side of the road with no water, so I did the only … Read More



Tepui RTT on '68 International Travelall

Ali sold all of her jewelry. Wedding ring? Gone. Diamond earrings? Gone. Class rings? Gone. Miscellaneous bling? Gone. Gone. All gone. Not because we’re broke, but because she simply didn’t want it any longer. She can’t foresee herself ever wanting to wear expensive, flashy jewelry again. For thirteen years now that … Read More

International Outfitting


There just isn’t a whole lot going on around here right now. It sort of feels like we now live here and are suburban parents. Ouest is going to a reading class each day, and while she is there I work next door in the Starbucks, which is about as … Read More

Time to Work and Play


We’ve got a host of family things going on this month, which are keeping our feet planted for a few weeks. That gives us plenty of time to visit my dad. And gives Ouest time to go to reading camp for a couple hours each morning. She gets to take her … Read More