Temples Old and New


A lot of people who visit Mexico City stay in the outlying neighborhoods, but we always prefer to be right in Centro. We walk out the door and are immediately surrounded by interesting history, food, architecture, and people. After a couple of weeks in big cities we start to pine … Read More

Chapultepec Castle


The LatinoAmericana building stands alone in the Old Town Centro area of Mexico City. We’ve got a great view of it just a couple blocks from our condo, but we also enjoy popping up to the top for the view whenever we are here. Not sure how Mexico City ended … Read More

City Life


We left the Airstream behind at the campground and headed into Mexico City. As much as we love bringing our own home with us everywhere, there are just some places where that isn’t possible. Now, if someone would open up a campground in downtown DF (Distrito Federal), I’d be grateful, … Read More



Just on the edge of Pátzcuaro is a nice little hike to an overlook with a beautiful view of the lake and Isla Janitzio out in the middle. Back on the road after a few weeks in Pátzcuaro. It was right about here when our brakes went out again (by out, … Read More

When Good Times Go Bad


Sometimes I marvel at how well our kids get along. They tend to have one fight per day, lasting about five minutes, and the other 23 hours and 55 minutes are spent within five feet of each other, playing, laughing, and sleeping. We try and make them a picture book … Read More

Wanderer and OMentoring Combo Special


My entire adult life I’ve been a trader. You’d think that would make me really good at haggling for the best deal in all the little markets I’ve strolled through around the world—it doesn’t. But it does make me good at a couple of things. I can make money from … Read More

Guitar Town—Paracho


Sometimes it feels like there isn’t anywhere we haven’t been in Mexico. We cover a lot of ground, but because we do it in an RV we are somewhat limited in the areas we can stay—and thus, the places we can visit. That’s what makes a road trip with just … Read More



The Parícutin volcano popped out of the ground at a farmer’s feet just 75 years ago. Photos document the entire thing, from just burbling out of the ground, to a 1,400 foot cone nine years later. We’ve visited here a couple of times in the past, have thought about hiking … Read More

Tie a Knot in my Taco


We spent a couple more days just hanging out around Patzcuaro. When Lowe gets a plate of tacos in front of him he always asks me or Ali what I consider to be about the cutest question in the world, “Can you tie a knot in my taco?” He needs … Read More

Quiroga Carnitas


On Sunday the town of Quiroga comes to life with a big market, and even bigger display of carnitas. Lining the road are the men who prepare the meat, each in their own special way, all of the delicious. They stand there cutting and slapping piles of meat on paper … Read More

Around Lake Patzcuaro


The campground in Patzucaro is a little property just off the main road, five minutes down from the main square. Those are the entrance gates on the left, and that man and VW bug are props that I placed there to complete the picture. Tzintzuntzan. I just love saying the … Read More

Isla de Janitzio

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Isla de Janitzio. The embarcadero is right down the street from the campground, and for just a couple bucks we get to enjoy a nice 20-minute ride across the lake to the island—my favorite place in Patzcuaro. The butterfly net fishermen. Not the easiest town to learn to skate in. … Read More