One Step Closer



Well, the bus is gone—which left us having to fly from Portland to MN. Not our favorite mode of travel. Not by a long shot. But, just fourteen hours after waking up, we were at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and one step closer to new adventures. Waiting on Grandpa. The … Read More

Winding Down in Portland



We spent our last week in Portland before flying to Minnesota. Over time, I think, our lifestyle has actually afforded us more time with our families than had we stayed put in Chicago. I’m sure there is no way we would have seen each other as much had we slipped … Read More

Beach Birthday



My mom and her twin sister had a pretty big birthday coming up, so we gathered up a bunch of family and headed for a beach house rental to celebrate. Our timing was incredibly lucky—the weather in Portland while we were gone was 103 degrees, the temps on the beach … Read More

Saying Goodbye to the Bus



My birth mother and one of my sisters came down to visit for a couple of days. This was the first time we had met Hallie, but it didn’t take the kids long to warm up to her. Ouest tells us she wishes she could have a mustache, so we … Read More




A couple of months ago I had this conversation with Ouest and afterwards I jotted it down. I found it on my desktop today: When I told Ouest that we were thinking about taking a smaller truck to South America, instead of our blue bus, I explained to her that … Read More

Travco For Sale

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 6.55.50 AM

EDIT:  Sold! Within two hours of listing the bus, we’ve got the money in our account. If there is one thing (well, three things) we’ve learned with selling things it is to be honest, take gorgeous pictures, and to price it to sell. When we’re ready to move on to … Read More

Bus Prepping



The past few days, since we decided on selling the bus, have been filled with minor projects. Things like replacing the odometer cable, replacing two ceiling panels, rearranging the kids’ bedroom for adult use once again, and giving the walls and cabinets a fresh coat of stain. Mostly just a … Read More

Going International



Well, this has been brewing for a few months, but this weekend we finally made a purchase that pretty much cements it—we’re heading to South America. About six months ago now, Ali and I decided that it was a good time for your family to get moving again. We have … Read More

Got Oil?



We left the watery lake behind and headed for a dry one instead. The Black Rock Desert is where 50,000 people descend each year for Burning Man. But right now it’s completely empty. Until our friends pull up doing 50 miles an hour in reverse. Because that’s the sort of … Read More

Pyramid Lake



After a couple of days in the city we went off in search of some nature. Not far from Reno is Pyramid Lake. It’s sort of like boondocking on the beach, with the difference being the $15 a day fee for non-tribe members attached. But like a gift, we found … Read More

Biggest Little City



The weather wasn’t looking very pretty for a few days, so we decided to head for a city to find some things to do. We’d never been to Reno before, so we looked it up, found some fun activities, and pointed the bus that way. We rolled into town and … Read More

Bishop to Walker Lake



Bishop. This is a nice little town. Just about the size we like these days—big enough to have a few choices of places to eat, small enough to not have a Walmart. Late April is not late enough. It’s cold every night—in the thirties cold. Anything at elevation much beyond … Read More