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My Mazatlan

I’ve mentioned it many times, but it bares repeating, that Mazatlan has become one of our favorite spots in Mexico. The Old Town section is where it’s at, so if you go there on holiday make sure you get downtown and explore beyond Plaza Machado.

I threw together a sort of average Joe guide to my Mazatlan. Mostly just pictures from this site, but I suppose a few helpful hints too. Check it out if you like.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 1.30.25 PM

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    Guy Reply

    You need a http:// in front of your link otherwise it does not work.

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    James Reply

    Nice retrospective. I feel nostalgic now and I’ve never even been there. Here’s the corrected link:

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    Pat & Ali Reply

    Thanks, link is fixed.

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    svtrim Reply

    The only real downside is that Mazatlan doesn’t have an international airport like PV.

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      Susan Reply

      I supposed if it did it wouldn’t be Mazatlan…that is part of the beauty…real.:-)

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      Pat & Ali Reply

      Of course Mazatlan has an international airport, General Rafael Buelna International Airport (MZT). During high season there are even direct flights from the Arctic Circle, i.e. Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP). Airport is a 250 peso cab ride on the outskirts of town, twenty minutes from Centro.

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        svtrim Reply

        Interesting…because when we were there in 09, we couldn’t get a direct flight to the US and were told we would have to go to PV or to Cabo.

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          Pat & Ali Reply

          During low season there are very few flights to the States. High season there are plenty.

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    Scott S Reply

    Great photos as always.

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    Donald Reply

    Have meant to ask, did you use an agent to find your apartment ? In another life we used to stay at the Hotel La Siesta and at the La Marina El Cid, sort of the best of both worlds. It only took a short while to realize that we are Olas Altas kind of people, so we took all of the kids and Grand kids to MZ for Mardi Gra in 2001 and burned up all of our time share weeks….adios maintenance fee increases.

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      Pat & Ali Reply

      No, we’ve never used an agent. Typically we start our searches on or, then venture on to google, and usually some local real estate sites. This Mazatlan house came from a real estate website. The house is for sale, but also for rent in the meantime. This is pretty common. Almost all real estate sites have a rental section as well.

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    Lisa Reply

    Very nice!

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    Michael Reply

    Great pictures! I always looked forward to reading what you all were up in Mexico and viewing the wonderful pictures with each blog. I’ve gotta admit I am a little sorry that you are still not living down in Mazatlan. It was quite an adventure you and your kids were on during your stay. Your daughter going to an Mexican school was so interesting. Forget the RV and head back down there! Sorry, it is your life but I just so enjoyed your time in Baja and Mazatlan. I will look forward to your RV travels. Really sharp looking RV that you purchased. Enjoy it!

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      Pat & Ali Reply

      There is no height restriction for vehicles crossing into Mexico. :) In fact Mazatlan has a great RV park right smack dab on the beach in the middle of the Golden Zone.

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    Rex Reply

    Outstanding Pat. Your family’s love of Mexico and its people shows through. All the best to Ali, the kids and you in 2014.