Blogging For Another

SAIL Magazine contacted me a few months back. They said they were putting together a blog site and wanted Bumfuzzle to be one of the six or so bloggers that would be a part of it. And the gig would pay a little bit too. Not much mind you, but enough to buy the kids a new pair of flip-flops every couple of months.

I turned them down. I told them I had already made fun of their magazine, as well as all the other cruising rags, so many times that I would feel like a total sell out if I joined in. They wrote back that they understood why I couldn’t stand sailing magazines, but that this would be different. Sure there would be advertisers, but the writers would be real sailors writing whatever they felt like about actually sailing. So in other words there won’t be twenty posts in a row reviewing boats that none of your readers can afford? No gear reviews for gear that only some jerk-off that’s never done anything but outfit boats that don’t leave the dock would be interested in buying? No thinly disguised “articles” that are really just advertisements for charter boats? Okay then, sign me up.

So anyway,¬†¬†launched a couple of weeks back. So far the other writers seem interesting enough. Not being too interested in sailboats myself, other than whichever one I happen to be living on at the moment, I’ve found a few posts a bit boring, but I know I’m a little weird as far as that goes and I know many of you reading this would enjoy them. So please, by all means, go and read.

So far I’ve only posted my regular Bumfuzzle blog posts to the site, but I got to thinking that since my day to day ramblings often don’t include anything remotely sail related, that maybe I could use some input on things to write about occasionally. In other words I thought I’d ask if you all have any questions or topics that you might like to hear my take on. I’ve never been interested in doing that sort of thing here on Bumfuzzle because as I’ve said in the past we sort of consider Bumfuzzle to be our diary, and twenty years from now I know I won’t give a toss about any of the normal FAQ things you see on all the other cruising blogs out there. But now I’ve got a different place I can post that crap. So if you want to hear about something shoot us an e-mail and let us know.