We’ve been out in Portland for a couple weeks visiting Grammy, and helping her recover after having a new, bionic, Tesla powered solar hip put in. That’s meant a whole lot of hanging out at home together, and not a lot else. She’s doing super, by the way. The scene … Read More

Irma Misses

Friday we finished tying up the boat the way we wanted, closed the doors and crossed our fingers. That night we spent at a hotel next to the Jacksonville airport, and in the morning I said goodbye to the family as they flew off to visit Grammy. Our friends live … Read More

Hurricane Irma

We were only on the boat for two days before it became clear that Hurricane Irma was going to be a very real threat to us. By Tuesday, six days before the expected landfall, we were already scrambling to figure out our evacuation plan. Hotels were booked solid for over … Read More

A Grand New Home

Dropped off the Airstream at a storage space in Texas for the new owners to pick up in a few weeks. She was a good home for us the past year. Such a simple home—we didn’t have any issues. Replaced the tires, and that was it. There is a lot … Read More

Leaving Minnesota

Spent the last few days in Minnesota hanging out with family. Especially fun times were to be had at “The Great Minnesota Get Together.” Otherwise known as the State Fair. Lowe getting Grandpa to bust out the wallet. Smart kid. One minute they were watching Grandpa and Lowe, and the … Read More

Minnesota Summer

When we visit Minnesota we feel like we need to see everyone. As if we might not be back again for years. That was the case when we were sailing around the world, but since then our visits home have probably been more regular—and certainly longer—than they would be if … Read More

So This Happened

So, one day in Mexico City, a couple of weeks back, Ali and I started talking about what we wanted to do this next year. We had been planning on traveling around the Southwestern U.S., and popping down into Baja for a few months. But honestly, neither one of us … Read More

1966 Airstream Safari for Sale

Share this Post They simply don’t make ’em like this any more. The curves, the shine, the 60s! No other vintage trailer compares. If you want to roll in classic style, and stand out from the crowd, on the road and in the campground, then this is the trailer for … Read More


This guy turned six. Already. He spent the morning hanging out with his second best buddy. Then made cupcakes with his first best buddy. We tried to keep things similar to our traditional boat/bus birthdays, with balloons and cupcakes, but somehow we weren’t able to keep the pile of gifts … Read More


After the U.S. finally allowed us back in the country, we continued on in boogie mode. We had a trip to Minnesota planned, flying out of Austin in a few days, and in that time we had to complete the purchase of our new boat, and get all the pics … Read More

The Road North

From San Miguel it was time for us to head north, back to the States. It was three 200 mile days to the border, which is way at the extreme for us. In Mexico, even with toll highways, we only average thirty miles an hour including stops. The first two … Read More

Hidalgo’s Grito

Up the road a bit from San Miguel de Allende is Dolores Hidalgo. Father Miguel Hidalgo, back in 1810, gave a speech from the front steps of this church that would spark the Mexican War of Independence. Every year, throughout Mexico, on Independence Day, mayors throughout Mexico stand in their … Read More