April 2009

april 1 2009 : torres del paine, chile, south america Crossed the border once again this afternoon, this time just down the road from Torres del Paine National Park. This place is the hikers mecca, which for us doesn’t really mean much. We did know there would be some killer … Read More

March 2009

march 1 2009 : puno, perú, south america The sky today had to be the most sharply pure we’ve ever seen. All along the road we just pulled over to take in the colors and the clouds that almost didn’t seem real. The drive ran along the altiplano at around … Read More

February 2009

february 1 2009 : huanchaco, perú, south america Peru’s landscape is more varied than we would have ever imagined. When we entered town last night we came straight out of a scrubby desert. Leaving out the other end of town we were immediately in rolling green hills with sweeping curves … Read More

January 2009

january 1 2009 : playa grande, colombia, south america We left early yesterday morning for our first drive through Colombia. The roads were fairly well marked and with only one stop to ask a trucker for directions, and one toll booth circled through twice, we were on our way north … Read More

December 2008

december 1 2008 : playa tamarindo, costa rica, central america The weather didn’t clear much today as we took off for Costa Rica. We had planned to spend quite a bit more time in Nicaragua, but found the lack of camping to be a little off putting. Also, the roads … Read More

November 2008

november 1 2008 : belize city, belize, central america On our first day in Belize we found out that the country is flooded. Historical flooding apparently not seen since 1961 in fact. Cities are under water, crops are washed away, and roads are sinking. The biggest problem for us is … Read More

October 2008

october 1 2008 : mineral wells, texas, usa After another day of glorious Oklahoman hospitality we loaded up the bus this morning and said our goodbyes. But before we left the Norman Transcript stopped by the house for an interview. It was just your standard run of the mill interview Who are you? … Read More

September 2008

september 1 2008 : portland, oregon, usa We boogied right on through Canada this time, stopping only to eat and fill up. It rained pretty much right up to the border anyway. We felt like that Pigpen character who always had the dust cloud following him, only for us it … Read More

August 2008

august 2 2008 : fairbanks, alaska, usa Deadhorse is the end of the line on the Dalton. The guidebook called it anticlimactic and they couldn’t have been more spot on. The scenery gradually went from rolling green hills full of caribou to a flat expanse of nothingness. The road itself … Read More

July 2008

july 2 2008 : cluculz lake, b.c., canada Of course three days after giving up on Vancouver Island our readers that live there or in Vancouver write to tell us they’d love to take us out. Problem being that we’ve kept truckin’ on already. Truth is we’ve been itching to … Read More

June 2008

june 3 2008 : portland, oregon, usa This weekend we drove out to Bend to do some camping. It was about a two hundred mile drive that somehow took Ali and I ten hours to complete. We left Portland on the same route we took to Bend the last time … Read More

May 2008

may 4 2008 : portland, oregon, usa Today we took the bus for a little drive. We went up to Seattle for a big VW cruise. Not a show mind you, but a cruise. A few hundred buses, bugs, and even a bunch of ugly little street racers, got together … Read More