August 2004

august 1 2004 : en route to rangiroa This has been a strange passage so far. It’s only about 580 miles, five days, so we didn’t really give it much thought before we left. Then suddenly late on the first day we both looked at each other and said, God, … Read More

July 2004

july 1 2004 : pacific ocean crossing This sucks. Our nice steady trade winds have abandoned us. We have eight knots of wind right now and are making very slow progress. The forecast for the next two days doesn’t look any better. So what was looking like a very fast … Read More

June 2004

june 1 2004 : isla santa cruz, galápagos islands, ecuador Not much to report yet from the Galápagos. We have spent the last couple of days working on boat projects. We’ve spent hours at the hardware store trying in vain to communicate with the nice people there. It’s funny how … Read More

May 2004

may 2 2004 : balboa, panamá Election day in Panama. The Panamanians do not take their right to vote for granted. Just about every car on the road has signs, flags, and bumper stickers on it. The taxi drivers have been eager to tell us about the elections, as has … Read More

April 2004

april 2 2004 : acklins island, crooked island district, bahamas We got in yesterday around noon after 29 hours of mainly motoring with a tiny bit of motorsailing mixed in. In fact, after I slept for a couple hours in the middle of the night I came out to find … Read More

March 2004

march 1 2004 : george town, great exuma island, bahamas Well after our second night anchored next to town we had enough. The wind was still blowing 25 knots and we had some huge waves rolling through all night long. We managed 3 or 4 hours of sleep and then … Read More

February 2004

february 2 2004 : en route to staniel cay, bahamas Well Ali says no go on not buying her a gift. It was worth a shot. We left the Exumas Park yesterday morning and once again motored into 20 knot headwinds for 8 miles. We pulled into a nice little … Read More

January 2004

january 3 2004 : royal island, bahamas Happy New Year! I hope everyone is still going strong on those new year’s resolutions. I didn’t make any this year, but my resolution last year was to make sure that we actually made this trip a reality in 2003. I guess I … Read More

December 2003

december 2 2003 : bimini, bahamas It’s hard to believe we are in to December. It is amazing what a difference a year makes. Last year we would have been getting ready to have Ali’s parents, older sister (Toni) and our niece (Lea) and nephew (Curtis) down to visit us … Read More

November 2003

november 3 2003 : fort lauderdale, florida, usa Going back a few days, we installed a new throttle. It’s a really nice stainless steel one that works much smoother than the old outboard throttle assembly they had on here. The install went well and we tested it out quickly by … Read More

Intro & The Start

a quick intro : It was November of 2002 and Ali and I were sitting at Lou Malnati’s, our favorite pizza place in Chicago. It’s also a bar, and as we sat there later and later into the night we started to talk about our future. We had moved to … Read More