New Year

We kicked off 2017 with a… well, nothing, really. Celebrating a new year seems so random. I suppose some people really need it in order to hit the reset button, but we’re not really one of those.

The new year does quickly usher in a birthday for me, which, since we have kids, means that we have to at least acknowledge it. Any excuse to make cupcakes. For the record, I’m forty-three now. Basically “a million” in kid years. My beard has big chunks of gray, I’ve long since stopped pulling random gray hairs out of my head, and I’ve got thousands of smile wrinkles—but, I’ve got a great family, a rolling home, a few bucks in the bank, no aches or pains, and all of my hair. All-in-all I feel like I’m doing all right.

There hasn’t been a whole lot to do. America is in a deep freeze, and that includes Portland. The kids have been baking. We think by next year they should be able to make the cookies on their own. The kids like making cookies and cupcakes, but neither of them really eats much. When we make chocolate chip cookies we have to make some with no chocolate chips for Lowe. Ouest eats one, and then promptly forgets they exist. But, while they might not be too excited about eating the final product, they always enjoy making them, and eating some of the raw ingredients along the way.

Lowe didn’t eat any of these. “Too sweet,” he says.

They continue to get a big kick out of writing poop jokes on birthday cards.

Snow is finally coming down.