Semana Santa week


With the huge Semana Santa holiday on the way, the stores in town start filling their aisles floor-to-ceiling with cases of beer. To the point that it’s tough to get in the store to buy anything other than beer. In fact it’s tough to even get in the store as the lines tend to wind down the sidewalk. They expected 20,000+ people this year, in town for the holiday. For a town with no hotels (other than boutiques and homes for rent) that’s a heck of a lot of people. On top of that, rumors were swirling that the authorities weren’t allowing beach camping this year. That threat alone, it seems, kept a lot of people from coming, because based on our experience in the past, this year was calm.

We all love our friends here in Sayulita.

Ouest, age 18.

Lowe opens the door in the morning and lets Tango in. He gets his bowl of food out. Then, content, they talk about the day ahead.

We have a friend who lives at the top of this hill. The view and the breeze are amazing, as is the sweat running down your back by the time you get to the top.

Seriously, that is a small crowd for Semana Santa.

“I’m going to be happy, don’t know when I’ll be back.”

We love these carnitas tacos served right out the front door (they’ve now knocked out the front wall, actually) of a young couple’s house, and have been for all the years we’ve been coming here. So perfect and moist, and about 75 cents each.

A friend of ours was out the other day teaching his daughter to surf, and got some video of Ouest catching a few waves.



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  1. Best surfing video ever!! That lady is destined for the Pipeline!! And then a nice pic of her relaxing in the chair with a Pacifica at her feet — Girl Power indeed.

  2. Love those Pacifico cans. I saw a billboard here in SoCal that says they have them here now. I remember going to store in MX and they fill your cooler with ice and you get your Pacifico cans.

    Are you guys going to be in the San Diego area anytime soon?

    1. They also put Pacifico cans in a bag and fill it with ice to bring down to the beach, should you not have a cooler with you. No plans for San Diego yet, but things change pretty quickly with us. If we do, let’s share a Pacifico and stories. Cheers!

  3. When outside, Quest can turn the board around by sliding back on the board which points the nose upward. Then she should rotate her legs in the same direction, such as clockwise, but 180 degrees out of phase with each other. Surfing part is fine. She moved back when the nose started to pearl.

  4. Pat,
    I have followed your blog for years. My wife and I are in a position to start investing, there is no one else I would rather learn from than you. My question is, is your OMentoring good for people that have never traded? I have read a fair amount, I read your book Live on the Margin, is your OMentoring group to advanced to get someone off the ground?

    1. The good life for Tango is coming to an end, as the campground will be empty within weeks. He will be back to his one bowl a day from his real owners.

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