Sick Kid and Truck

Sort of a random week. We were hustling to leave Corpus by Thursday. Our new awning came in and was installed on Monday, but they ran into problems, so we had to bring it back out again on Tuesday. Not a big deal, but a bit of a pain in the butt when you have to load up your home and haul it 20 miles so it can get worked on two days in a row. Then go find something to do all day without your home.

Over the weekend the gas tank began to leak. I was bummed, until I figured out that the leak was coming from directly behind the tank strap. I loosened it up, cleaned it up a bit, got some rubber tape suitable for contact with gasoline, stuck some behind the strap, tightened it back up, and problem was solved. Not another drip. I was quite pleased with that one.

The next day the clutch began to whine and grind. Crap. I brought it to the guys who had helped me out with the slipping clutch a couple weeks ago and they said they’d drop the transmission and replace the clutch by Friday. So, I brought it in Wednesday morning resigned to the fact that we wouldn’t be in Mexico by the weekend. As they tore it down they found that the clutch looked good, but the throw-out bearing was shot. The clutch would have had to be ordered, but they had a throw-out bearing right there. I told them to toss it in and zip it all back up. A full day’s work, but I was back on the road with the weekend still in sight. Normally, you just replace everything in there when you go to the trouble of dropping a transmission, but we had grown tired of Corpus Christi, and have plans coming up in Mazatlan very soon. Sometimes you just have to slap it together and go.

So, in two weeks here, we fixed the slipping clutch, replaced the brake master cylinder, fixed a leaky gas tank, replaced the clutch throw-out bearing, and got an awning installed. It’s been a busy couple of weeks as far as the truck and Airstream go.

Just some random pictures:

I love this fuse box. They should all be so easy to access.

One of these days I’m going to switch the wiper and the throttle switches around. The wipers are kind of a pain to reach when you’re driving, and the throttle rarely gets used.

Cleaning off the salt and mud.

Bathroom heat, in case you’re planning a nice bath when it is 20 degrees outside.

Someone asked the other day where all our stuff, like toothbrushes, are at. There you have it.

Ouest was telling us that her stomach hurt all morning. As a parent the only thing that comes to mind when you hear that is, “Did you go poop yet?”

A while later, Ali was off running errands and Ouest was inside just taking it easy. Lowe and I were outside playing when Ouest came to the door with tears in her eyes and said her stomach was still hurting. I looked over at her and she suddenly turned her head back inside the house and vomited everywhere. In a split second I had her out the door, but the damage was done. Well, no damage, but the mess had definitely been done. And here’s me, with no Ali around. I grabbed for the paper towels. There was one left. Ali was at Target buying more. Uggh.

Oh, what about Ouest? She was fine after that. Took it easy the rest of the day, and by the next morning was running 100%. Kids, man.

Lowe spent the day without his sidekick. He built a fence using wrenches, screwdrivers, and string. And checked it all with a level. After enduring months of the kids constantly digging through my tool bag, I finally got smart and dropped the money to buy them their own. Ali wasn’t thrilled with me getting them a wire cutter. I judged them to be old enough and wise enough. I may end up regretting that one.

And that’s it. Though, I should point out that I’m writing this in Saltillo, Mexico.