Christmas. What is there to say? Kids open presents. Kids play with new toys. Kids move on, and everyone begins talking about next Christmas. We did  have a nice time. The kids gave Grammy their painted pottery gifts, and they got everything on their Santa Claus lists. The last minute … Read More

The Holiday Spirit

I guess as much as anything else, Ali and I have tried to fill our kids’ lives with good memories. Their holiday memories aren’t focused on one location, so that it becomes a part of the background—instead, the locations become as integral a part of the memory as what actually … Read More

Christmas 2015

Ouest received an unexpected invitation the other day to play the Virgin Mary in some sort of production—an invitation she eagerly accepted, despite having no idea who the Virgin Mary is, or what the play might entail. Ali and I are always amazed at her moxy. Ali says when she … Read More


Well, it’s about that time, isn’t it? You can see by the pictures that Ouest was pretty excited about meeting Santa this year. Lowe? Not so much. He said he would do it if he could just sit next to him. So what is the first thing Santa does? Grabs … Read More

Baja Humbug

Christmas. We’ve never been ones to do much of anything regarding the day. But kids, they learn about this stuff one way or another, and so this year we invited Santa Claus for a visit. A few days before Ouest had frantically blurted out, “I forgot to send Santa my … Read More

Holiday Ramblings

We’ve been playing airplane lately. This includes packing up luggage and flying from one grandma’s house to another. Today Ouest added a new wrinkle to the game and included a stewardess. “Hey, juice lady. Juice lady?” she called out once the plane had reached cruising altitude. Because really the best … Read More

Holy Christ…mas

Of all the things Ouest learned in school—good and bad—the meaning of this Santa Claus guy has to be the worst. But hey, I’m not going to be a total Scrooge, so now that she knows what’s up, the key is going to be mitigating the damage. We took the … Read More