From Maz to Sayulita

One last trip up to the lighthouse, and then it was time to say adios to Mazatlan. There seem to be more cats each time we go. Always well fed and watered by the locals that walk/run the path each day. We always come prepared as well. There are always … Read More

Carnaval in Mazatlan

We love Carnaval in Mazatlan. This is our third time being here. We missed one year when Ali’s sister decided to marry in February, but I’m not still mad at her, or holding a grudge, or anything. Lowe got us ready for the big day at his Hair Shop. We … Read More

Mazatlan Energy

Ali and Ouest had to go to Minnesota for a couple of days. The night of their return it was up to us boys to get the house cleaned up. Lowe took his job very seriously, wiping down every surface in the Airstream, including the hermit crab’s house. I always … Read More

The Other Side of the Wall

We spent a night in Laredo at a lakeside state park, before waking early and hitting the border just a few miles down the road. Nada que declarar—but that didn’t matter, they wanted to see us anyway. Fortunately, our check didn’t look like this. We opened up one cabinet door, … Read More

Goodbye Mazatlan

The other day I took Ouest out on a little lunch date downtown. We hit our favorite taco stall at the market—a place we’ve been eating tacos together since she was three. We drank horchata, fed pigeons, and just strolled around. She makes a good date. There is always some … Read More

More Maz

Even we need to set aside “beach days” now and then. Well, not really, but occasionally we do have to take ourselves to a different beach than the one right outside our door. Down on the south end of the malecón there are always kite sellers. They make the kites … Read More

Stone Island

My mom was supposed to visit this week, but in a blunder that we are certain could only happen with this family, she thought the trip was for March 14th, not February 14th. We set up her visit, airlines, hotels, and all, so that’s partially to blame for the miscommunication. We waited … Read More


We’re winding up some things in preparation of leaving, yet we’re still finding fun things to do in Mazatlan. Every evening the kids hit the beach. They boogie board the “sand dunes”—the little hill of beach sand next door, and then hit the waves. The city park. We were happy—and … Read More

Their Normal

Some days Ali and I just sit back and marvel at how vastly different our kids’ lives are from our own growing up. Not in a judgmental way, but in a genuinely amazed way—amazed that we’re able to live this life that we lead. The simple fact that our kids … Read More

Carnaval on Repeat

Fortunately for us, after having missed the floats at the first parade, there is a second Carnaval parade two days later. It’s a reverse of the first, and this one started on our end of town, so we were sure to see some parade floats this time. This young boy … Read More


Mazatlan goes all out for Carnaval, and we’ve been looking forward to it for months. We were here for it a couple of years back, then had to miss it last year for Ali’s sister’s wedding. In February. In Minnesota. No, Katy, I’m not mad any more. This year we … Read More

Around Mazatlan

Mazatlan is a good place to simply hang out in. There is plenty to do. We can just hang here on the beach out front, we can surf the white-water, we can take the bus to centro and visit the market or feed the pigeons, we can visit any of … Read More