What A Life


Sometimes I go through our pictures from the past few days and all I can think is, “What a life.” I mean, it’s not like it was an epic week, or anything like that, but it was just filled with so many fun moments. Day trips with VW shows and … Read More

From Maz to Sayulita


One last trip up to the lighthouse, and then it was time to say adios to Mazatlan. There seem to be more cats each time we go. Always well fed and watered by the locals that walk/run the path each day. We always come prepared as well. There are always … Read More

Saying Goodbye

Brownie #2 got out of surgery and spent the next couple of days hanging out with us. She still had “the scent” on her, so our job became keeping the boys of the neighborhood off of her while she healed up. We spent a night with Xochitl, and her parents … Read More

The Rhythm of Sayulita

We got home from our little mountain road trip, and we were happy to once again be in the sun with bare feet. Whenever we’re away it is amazing just how much we all miss our own home, and our own beds. Or maybe it’s not so amazing at all. … Read More

Another Adventurous Year Ahead

Our time in Sayulita is slowly drawing to a close. New year, new places, new adventures to be had. But not right away. We’ve still got a few familiar old haunts to visit. We’re all starting to feel that pull though. Actually, Lowe has been asking for weeks, “When are … Read More

Surf and Mutts

The waves have been all over the place lately. Too big and sloppy one day, too small the next. We still manage to catch some on the big days, but it’s a ton more work for me pushing Ouest out through the constant rush of white water and the rips. … Read More

Christmas 2015

Ouest received an unexpected invitation the other day to play the Virgin Mary in some sort of production—an invitation she eagerly accepted, despite having no idea who the Virgin Mary is, or what the play might entail. Ali and I are always amazed at her moxy. Ali says when she … Read More

Christmas Birthday

Today was Ali’s birthday. It was also the day that we would bring in Brownie, our favorite beach dog, to get spayed. That might not seem like a nice birthday gift, but for an animal lover like Ali it was perfect. We had an appointment at nine, but she is … Read More


This is what happens when we rent a car—it immediately becomes a fort/playground/taxi. You don’t see Christmas trees down here, so you make do with what they do have. Six bucks for a coconut tree. Done. Now the kids can decorate, and I can stop hearing about it. It occurred … Read More


Well, it’s about that time, isn’t it? You can see by the pictures that Ouest was pretty excited about meeting Santa this year. Lowe? Not so much. He said he would do it if he could just sit next to him. So what is the first thing Santa does? Grabs … Read More

Six Years Old

Six years. Like all parents, I’m constantly surprised by the years ticking by. Ouest is a big girl. She’s tall, she’s smart, she’s sweet. At six I think she is still more innocent than any child her age I’ve ever known. Today she came up to me looking upset. “Tango … Read More

Almost a Birthday

We’d had two days of rain—which is pretty crazy around here in winter, and without a hurricane nearby—and weren’t sure if we could trust the weather forecast for Ouest’s birthday, so we pushed it back a day. I love that our now six-year-old daughter is so carefree about a change … Read More