Making Memories

Our good friend Xochi turned six the other day, which meant a beach party and piñata.  Xochi doesn’t know it yet, but Lowe has told us that he’s taking her along on his motorcycle trip. The around-the-world motorcycle trip that he and Ouest have been planning for the past few … Read More

North of PV

North of Puerto Vallarta is a string of cool places. Lately we’ve just been popping around from one to another, playing, running errands, and hanging out with friends. Sayulita. I’m not sure what was cooking under there. Lo de Marcos. The kids pick up hundreds of mangos every day, and … Read More

Jumping the Shark

Has Sayulita jumped the shark? Or was it just inevitable that our time there would come to an end? I don’t know, but after this visit, I’m not sure there will be any more. Three things happened this week. They always happen in threes, right? One, the kids’ bikes were stolen. … Read More

Barefoot and Fancy-Free

I’ve been working on a couple projects lately, and have been slow to get through pics. I don’t have a lot to say about these few days. Just more of our laid-back life. The kids love it when I play this game. For $30 pesos you get three rocks. Hit … Read More

Big Day Out

The past few days Lowe has been wiggling his first loose tooth around in his mouth. He’s been a little nervous about the whole thing, but excited at the same time. For the most part, he wouldn’t even show me the tooth, fearing that I’d reach in with my grubby … Read More

Semana Santa week

With the huge Semana Santa holiday on the way, the stores in town start filling their aisles floor-to-ceiling with cases of beer. To the point that it’s tough to get in the store to buy anything other than beer. In fact it’s tough to even get in the store as … Read More

Slow Roll in Sayulita

Life slows down a lot when we come to Sayulita. We have no pressing needs. There is no big box store to go buy stuff at. There is nowhere to drive off to. We go through the days with slow walks, playtime, food, surf, and sleep. That’s about it. If … Read More

Sayulita Daze

Today I was walking along the beach with the kids, headed for a surf/swim session, when it occurred to me once again what a great life this is. I said to them, “You guys, sometimes I feel so lucky for the life we live.” They asked why, and I told … Read More

Sayulita Visitor

Grammy came for a visit, and the kids were very excited to see her. And not only because she brought candy or rented a golf cart to pop around town. Grammy has been coming to Sayulita to visit us for years. We have our routines—places we always eat, beaches we … Read More

What A Life

Sometimes I go through our pictures from the past few days and all I can think is, “What a life.” I mean, it’s not like it was an epic week, or anything like that, but it was just filled with so many fun moments. Day trips with VW shows and … Read More

From Maz to Sayulita

One last trip up to the lighthouse, and then it was time to say adios to Mazatlan. There seem to be more cats each time we go. Always well fed and watered by the locals that walk/run the path each day. We always come prepared as well. There are always … Read More

Saying Goodbye

Brownie #2 got out of surgery and spent the next couple of days hanging out with us. She still had “the scent” on her, so our job became keeping the boys of the neighborhood off of her while she healed up. We spent a night with Xochitl, and her parents … Read More