Semana Santa week

With the huge Semana Santa holiday on the way, the stores in town start filling their aisles floor-to-ceiling with cases of beer. To the point that it’s tough to get in the store to buy anything other than beer. In fact it’s tough to even get in the store as … Read More

Semana Santa

Semana Santa—Holy Week—is the big Spring Break-type beach party weekend for Mexico. There was a slow buildup throughout the week, but Thursday is when the flood came, and the partying kicked into full gear. I say it is like their Spring Break, but it’s really not like a bunch of American … Read More

The Easter Buildup

It’s was kind of funny watching all of the gringos pack up and leave in just the last couple of days. RVs loaded up en masse and hit the road, determined to get completely out of Mexico before the Easter holiday hit. I say it was kind of funny, but … Read More